With our 100% clear kayaks you are sure to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.
We take you where there is a world of wonder around you, but also, under you!

The see-through kayaks enhance your visibility and will leave you speechless!

Rock Springs
One of the best compliments to our clear kayaks are the crystal clear springs located in right here in Central Florida. 
Take a paddle through Rock Springs in Apopka for a clearly different experience
and an adventure that your friends will certainly envy (if they aren’t paddling with you)!

Paddling Rock Springs is your chance to see lots of wildlife and nature directly below you!

Rock Springs

Are you ready to cross this off your bucket list?
We are Florida’s premiere bioluminescent kayak tour company!

If you’re interested in bioluminescent kayaking, look no further as this
phenomenon only occurs in 6 places in the entire world and we are the only tour company that uses clear kayaks!

Our clear kayaks give you a window right below you to get an up close, and personal
experience with the biolumienscent waters that are only 45 minutes from Orlando in Merritt Island!


Winter Park Chain of Lakes
Undoubtedly one of our most relaxing paddles is in the Winter Park Chain of Lakes which includes our amazing sunset tour.
Be prepared to weave through the scenic Venetian style canals that link the large lakes lined by million dollar homes.

Whichever paddle you choose, be prepared to see lots of wildlife, and if
you’re lucky enough you may even see some directly below your clear kayak!

Winter Park

Just get up, and go!

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Just did this today and we had a great time!! The water and scenery were gorgeous and it was such a wonderful adventure! Saw a huge snapping turtle in the crystal clear water and had fun with the GoPro. Definitely made memories for a lifetime! Austin was a great guide!read more
Ann Simons Futch
My cousins and I went to the Rock Springs 8:30 tour on April 17. Austin was an awesome, patient and helpful guide. The weather was sort of chilly in such early morning, but the water was warmer than the air, which was a good thing. I really enjoyed our company- a group of friendly tourists from England. It was very nice that Austin let us take some breaks along the way as we were paddling against the current. Crystal clear water and the clear kayaks scored! It was so cool that you could see the bottom of the water and plenty of fishes swimming underneath. I would highly recommend this tour to small groups seeking new, fun and personal activities.read more
Uyen Phuong BN
I’m honestly speechless. This might be the most amazing kayaking trip I’ve ever been on. The blue water was gorgeous. The kayaks are so cool and the guide was so fun! Zo Zo the dog was an added bonus!read more
Katy Stacy
My friend and I did the Rock Springs trip with Austin, and it was great! Austin was friendly, a fabulous guide, very skilled, and he taught us quickly how to kayak. The water was beautiful and clear, and we had a wonderful time! Definitely will book another adventure with Get Up And Go Kayaking!read more
Amanda Lewis
As A First Timer To Kayaking, I LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE �. Hunter Did A Phenomenal Job As The Tour Guide. The Water Was Nice And Beautiful, Definitely Worth The Money. Can’t Wait To Come Back To Florida And Do This Again. Would Give 1,000 Thumbs Up If I Could. Keep Up The Great Workread more
Porcia Danielle-Marie
Literally can't say enough good things about Rock Springs/tour in general. I knew that it would be amazing, but it was beyond anything I could have imagined. The pictures definitely don't do this place justice. This was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary and we definitely can't wait to go back AND see the other locations. Thanks for an amazing time!!read more
Courtney Edwards
We had a great time on the tour and our guide, Hunter, was awesome!!! He took good care of his guests. Weather was great and the scenery was beautiful! Highly recommend this activity!read more
Amy Ciraulo
My fiance and I have never gone kayaking before, but our first experience on this tour was great! Austin gave us amazing tips on how to keep the kayak straight that helped us immensely. He was super friendly and encouraged us all throughout the way. Thanks dude! Will come back soonread more
Shelly Talastas
Perfect tour! I had only been kayaking once before, but didn't have many problems navigating the route with my friend. Hunter was a great guide and Zozo was so adorable. It was a gorgeous day, we spent plenty of time at the sandbar enjoying the water. Hunter took multiple pictures for us and helped out some of the group when they were struggling. The kayaks were perfect and so cool to use especially when we went back downstream. We didn't feel rushed whatsoever, a perfectly relaxing day. Will definitely be bringing more friends back!read more
Kayla Justice
I cannot rave more about how wonderful of an experience I had. Firstly I think I need to frame the situation. My girlfriend and I have been planing this Florida trip for months; unbeknownst to her, I was planning to give her an engagement ring. I had it all planned, I was going to do it on an adventure kayaking tour with Get up and go. But of course I waited till it was about 2weeks from our trip and I reached out with a message to see if I could coordinate with the team to make it happen. Justin the owner, responded almost immediately to my email, and told me THEY WERE BOOKED SOLID for the day I had in mind (our 4year dating anniversary) *cue the heartbreak*. So I put together a back up plan and decided we would go on a hot air ballon instead. (Not my first plan because we are a go couple and this felt a little cheesy, but hey had to be something better than Olive Garden lol).. 24 hrs ahead of time, the hot air balloon company calls and tells me the flight is a no-go due to anticipated weather conditions. *cue the heartbreak again!* this is when I circle back around and pray for a miracle. I reached out to Justin again, only to find there had been a cancellation and a tour was available for my day! Justin was able to help not only arrange a private tour group for myself and my “fiancée”! Penny, our guide was amazing, she took photos of us all along our trip, planned the perfect stopping point along our tour and had the code word ready(“this spot was the bees-knees” get it!? ). Whelp in perfect shape for my luck for this day, my bloodsugar starts to crash about halfway into the paddle. Penny being an amazing guide acts on the fly and sets us up with a turn around that is sooner (you know so I don’t die without getting to propose). At this point all plans are off and this is going to happen one way or the other! I finally get my knee on the ground, of course she says yes, and I can finally share the story of my planning nightmare with my best friend, now fiancé. We all got a good laugh and we were able to make it back to base safe and sound.Sorry for the long winded story, but I had to share; the team really made this experience so personal, and it turned out to be such a beautiful event, one spontaneous moment to the next. Thank you Get Up and Go Kayaking!read more
Monique Marie
Definitely doing this against. Just got back from doing this and the weather was just perfect, water was crystal clear, and enjoying the group who I went with. Got to meet with a blogger who traveled all the way from Europe who went on the tour. Our tour guide was super friendly, laidback and very helpful. I don't remember his name, but he made our experience even better. I liked the location a lot and was able to see few wildlife along the way that was a real treat! The kayaks where crystal clear in the water and you were able to see fish as you went down the river. For someone who is a beginner at kayaking it was a lot of fun and we got to take a few breaks along the way which was very helpful.read more
Jennifer Babian
Loved it! The place is so beautiful. So worth it! We got to see wildlife, crystal clear water, and had a little time out of the kayak playing in that water too.read more
Eva Suarez-Gonzalez
We loved this adventure! I was worried it would be cold going first thing in the morning, but it was perfect. Our guide was great and super helpful (especially cause he let my 6 year old ride with him).read more
Melissa Saunders Jackson
Fantastic experience and a really great change of pace after a week of Orlando’s theme parks. Would highly recommend and will definitely be coming again when we next visit the area- thank you Justin!read more
Rae Blackmore
Esperienza sicuramente da provare se si è in zona.Anche se il cielo era coperto ed a tratti piovoso l'acqua è comunque limpida e ti consente di vedere il fondale senza problemi.read more
Valerio Pini
What a fantastic end to our vacation! Booked a Rock Springs kayak tour for the final day of our family vacation & we all had a blast! My daughters paddled together & didn’t kill each other, LOL. The scenery was beautiful...challenging at times due to fallen vegetation from the hurricane. Austin was a wonderful guide! He was funny, friendly & engaging with our entire group. It was so nice to spend this time together, kayaking as a family, and we will definitely be back to do the bioluminescent tour!!! Thank you!read more
Julie Riley-Haina
This was absolutely the best part of our vacation! The river was beautiful, our tour guide was SOO nice, and the experience was overall something I will never forget. Definitely something everyone should do when on vacation in florida!!read more
Sarah Limoges
We did the afternoon Rock Springs tour with Austin as our guide. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. Austin was friendly, helpful and super relaxed. He was assisted by gorgeous Zozo, the super chill three legged dog. We were able to take our time on the way back, and weren’t rushed or hurried at all.The crystal clear water and the scenery are absolutely beautiful. There was a part we could get out of the kayak and wade in the warm water and take photos. We saw fish, birds, turtles and even a little alligator. The small group size is ideal. The river is pretty tight in parts and there’s other people canoeing and kayaking so anymore and it’d be too crowded.Highly recommend these tours. Would definitely do it again!read more
Erin Gleeson
I never give reviews but I just had to for Get up and Go! What a phenomenal day! We had a blast saw three gators even! Austin definitely deserves a five star review, he was awesome! Thank You Austin for a perfect day! We will for sure be back! I have visited Florida for years and this is hands down one of the best experiences we’ve had down here!read more
Missy Blevins
wow!!!! I had an eye opening experience here! This changed my life! Such great people my whole family had such an amazing time, we will def be back next time we visit florida! Kids said it was better than mickey mouse haha!read more
Jesse Ian
I booked our wedding anniversary tours, due to an unforeseen circumstance the night before at his job my husband was not able to go. I was so upset, I tried to contact them and the line kept ring to a voicemail. So I emailed them to see if there was anything we could do? They have a very strict cancellation policy-which I was well aware of, I asked them about a credit or some sort of alternative (being willing to pay more $ etc) and I received a generic form-letter email explaining that they’d sent me a reminder 2 days prior and they would have had to have two people in our place. Needless to say, they have withdrawn the charge for our tours, we didn’t get to even go & we received an insensitive “auto response” from the owner that indicated he didn’t read my email at all and/or had no interest in upselling his company or providing any alternatives/flexibility. 😢read more
Annalise Mitchell
We had a great kayak tour yesterday! The weather was perfect and the water was clear and warm. We saw an abundance of wildlife including a baby alligator. The kayaks and equipment looked brand new and our favourite part of the tour was swimming on the sand bar. Our guide, Austin, was kind, knowledgeable and patient. Thanks for a great day, Austin!read more
Emma Furfaro
Perfect tour, perfect guide (Austin), perfect time!!! If you are in Florida, love natural beauty and want to get away from the crowds, THIS IS THE TOUR FOR YOU! The location is breathtaking, the water is the perfect temp all year round and the guides are GREAT! Thank you @Get Up And Go for the perfect family outing. We loved our pictures and can't wait to return next year!!!!read more
Lindsay Bunn Rogers
My wife and I took the Rock Springs 2:30 Pm tour on February 22 and our guide was Austin. The weather was warm, about 80 degrees, and mostly sunny, and the water temperature was perfect for wading and swimming, so we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Austin is a friendly, kind, and helpful guy and the perfect ambassador for your company. He's also a good kayaking instructor and helped the less experienced paddlers with proper technique and at no time during the tour did we feel like we were being rushed or hurried. We were on the tour with three other couples and Austin engaged everyone and by the end of the tour we were one big happy family. And a big added bonus was Zozo the dog who took the trip with us in Austin's kayak! The scenery on Rock Spring's Run is amazing and once we left Kings Landing we felt like we were miles away from civilization! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon and a great adventure!read more
Craig Dresser
This was so so so much fun! My friend and I visiting from Minnesota trying to get away from single digit weather. We had Austin and he was so much fun. Easy going and comfortable. The group we were with were just as fun. Either way something I would completely recommend and hope to do again in the future!read more
Kasey Kay Straw
Absolutely loved it! My kids and my husband and I really enjoyed the serenity of the nature and our guide was so nice. My kids had a blast on the rope swing too! 5 stars all the way.read more
Jacqueline Seymour
This is one of the greatest things to do in the Orlando Area. Justin and Austin were both so nice and helpful! They took the time to answer questions, take pictures during the tour and to stop wherever we liked. We'll definitely be back!read more
Carina Farkas
What a wonderful chance to experience the natural beauty of Florida! We even saw some wild turkeys nearby 🦃 Justin is a great guide, and very sweet pup (“ZoZo”) accompanied us everywhere. Thank you!read more
Eva Cohnen-Brown
Rock springs was a beautiful location. In some parts of the water you could see the fish through the kayak! I'd encourage anyone who saw the Insider video to book their tour 🙂read more
Karalynn Leann Langewisch
This was so much fun, I really anticipated coming down from IL and had a really hard time not booking the second tour after Winter Park tonight we will have to come back to try Rock springs!! The tour guide was so friendly and relaxed —> totally add the picture package!!! Loved our adventure!! ❤️read more
Stephanie Willcox
Just did Rock Spring with Hunter and had a wonderful time. Weather perfect not to hot. No gator sightings but we held a good size turtle. Since I was in Hunter's kayak and he was willing to do most of the paddling, I was able to just enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures. Would definitely go back!!read more
Linda Kiefer
Loved our recent tour with Austin! He was a great guide and made us feel really comfortable. This was my first time kayaking, and he did a great job of setting a manageable pace with plenty of breaks for us to relax and look around. Good conversation too! I would definitely book again!read more
Bethany Chapman
What an amazing adventure!We had a fantastic time.Amazing opportunity to see the wildlife.Otters, fish, turtles, and several alligators.For the money...this is a great buy!Austin, our guide was friendly and fun!Thank you for the most wonderful experienceread more
Marie Lynn McCullouch
I found out about Get Up and Go one night around 3am when I couldn’t sleep and was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook. My friends and I had a trip booked for Florida for about 2 months out at the time so I sent the video to them and they were all on board. We drove 2 hours from where we were staying to go on the tour and it was SO WORTH IT. I am a somewhat experienced kayaker, however my friends are not. Austin, our tour guide, was wonderful and patient with us. He took my one friend in his kayak (there were three of us- two person kayaks) and showed her the ins and outs of kayaking. She still hasn’t stopped talking about how much she learned that day from him. My other friend and I goofed off a lot and we ended up flipping our kayak, but the water was so warm we didn’t even care! I felt so bad because Austin had to climb into the water in his joggers to flip the boat back over but he was totally cool and calm about it and told us not to worry. The sights and the water were amazing, weather was great and we got so many laughs and great photos out of the day. It was the highlight of our vacation and we’ll never forget it. Thanks so much to Austin and Get Up and Go Kayaking for such a wonderful experience!!! We’ll be back!!!read more
Shannon Lee Norris
Yesterday we did the Rock Springs tour with Austin. I come to Orlando every year and wanted to try something new this year. I am so glad I came across the Facebook video for get up and go. It was one of the coolest experiences. We already talking about next year trying one of the other tours like the bioluminescent one. Austin was great and extremely helpful and laid back. I would recommend this to anyone.read more
Cassandra Ohlbaum-Horst
What a great experience! This is something everyone should do if they are in the area. Great tour guide that allowed space for you to feel like your on your own but will follow along your side you if you need additional help. You won’t find beauty like this in many other places in the world!read more
Chelsea Gauthier
Amazing time! First time kayaking and Hunter made us feel like pros! Didn’t get as far as we’d like but just means we’ll have to go back again! Zozo was a wonderful support following us the entire way �read more
Kaitie McAloney
The kayaks are awesome, the guide was great, the weather & natural landscape were amazing! Thank you for putting this cool event together, I highly recommend this to anyone who loves nature, is adventurous and wants to try something new!read more
Tate Lydia
We have kayaked before but never in tandem clear kayaks - Fun!!! Austin was relaxed and very accommodating as our guide with instruction when needed to make for a smooth trip. We enjoyed the 10am paddle and mostly had the river to ourselves. Justin worked out our reservation with prompt responses to questions emailed via the contact link. As the name of the company suggests...get up and go kayaking is a must do when in central Florida! Thanks for a great time!read more
Karen Richards
What a beautiful day to be on the water with an amazing group and a fantastic tour guide! Penny was lots of fun and very knowledgeable about the area and helpful with great directions and tips on how to use the kayaks. This was a perfect length of a trip in such a gorgeous location! I'm so happy we found out this was an option for our long weekend adventure!read more
Natalie Marie
We did the rock springs tour today and it was amazing! It was about 2 1/2 car ride from where we were staying but it was definitely worth the adventure. We are so glad we went. Being from northern Michigan we have tons of lakes and rivers to kayak but this was nothing like anything we get to experience back at home. I’d definitely like to do one of the other tours next time we visit FL.read more
Ashley Roper
My sister (who had never kayaked) and I (an experienced paddler) had a wonderful time during this unique tour. Austin was the perfect guide: knowledgeable and very laid back. The kayaks were lightweight and easy to maneuver. The scenery was spectacular, on a great stretch of clear water.read more
Sharon Pirhala
This was an awesome experience and is even worth a long drive! Our tour guide Hunter was very friendly and knowledgeable. The clear water reflecting the trees is breathtaking, which makes the journey very peaceful and serene. The wild life makes it exciting not knowing what you may see or be able to pet. I'd recommend this adventure to anyone!read more
Alex Piccolomini
My friend and I did the Rock Springs run in December with Justin. It was an awesome day. The water was beautiful. We saw a lot of wild life and the rope swing at the end was fun! Our tour guide was really informative and offered plenty of opportunities to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Definitely worth the trip!read more
Caitlin Delohery
We saw Get Up and Go Kayaking about month before we were heading to Florida and knew we had to do it. We went the week of Thanksgiving, and Justin was so kind and patient while we were trying to set up a time to go. We were able to explore all of Rock Springs, and Hunter was an amazing guide. We even explored a bit further and of course had some fun on the rope swing at the end. It was a beautiful area to see, and I can't wait until they start going to other kayaking sites. We will definitely go kayaking with this company again when we return! Thank you for the fun adventure!read more
Christina Moore
Absolutely loved this trip. We unfortunately had a very cold and windy day but Justin did not let that stop our trip, he was very helpful and very knowledgeable about the surroundings and throughout the entire paddle. Thanks again for this trip, we will definitely be visiting again if we find ourselves in Orlando.read more
Sienna Strazza
Yesterday morning’s kayak at Rock Springs was one of the best experiences. Was so much fun and the surrounding nature and wildlife was breathtaking. I seriously recommend it too anyone who appreciates the beauty of the outdoors and enjoys some good fun!! I can’t wait to do it again when I’m back in Florida! ��read more
Row Morley
We were a little bit late, but Justin called and made sure we were on our way and waited on us to get there. It was beautiful and the water was very clear. I recommend it to anyone who loves outdoor activities. Justin was a great guide and he also took good pictures for us. It was a great experience.read more
Fallon Goodman
My husband and I did this Friday. The air was a bit chilly, so the water was warmer than the air. Once we were in the kayak, you could feel the warmth of the water through it and you didn't even notice the chilly air. Austin let my husband where his jacket because Dan didn't bring one and Austin had a long sleeve shirt on. Austin, our guide, and he was great. Our tour was only his second. He was very patient with us and the other couple (who had some difficulties getting past some of the downed tree tops). He gave us plenty of opportunities to rest as we paddled against the current on the way out. The trip was very scenic and serene, even with the hurricane damage that the area sustained. We would definitely do it again.read more
Misty Harmon
We had a great time out on the river with Justin. The kayaks are much more comfortable than regular kayaks and had good back support which I like. It was cold so we did not see a lot of wildlife although we did see some turtles and beautiful birds. It was very interesting to see how The river that post hurricane Irma. This was a great activity and I highly recommend it.read more
Sharon Goldstein
Booked this after seeing the advert on Facebook. Took my daughter and wife and had a wonderful time. It took a while to get the hang of it as we hadn’t kayaked a two man boat before- but were soon up to speed. There was plenty to see in the river and the guide we had Hunter was excellent in showing us all the spots. We recommend it to anyone.read more
Rob Holgate
This was a great adventure. It was exactly what I was looking for with my children. Something outside and away from the theme parks. Justin was very personable and friendly and knew a ton about the area including plant and animal life.read more
Collin Quigley
Rock Springs Tour today in Kelly Park. Justin had been so accommodating even though we ended up late due to unforeseen circumstances, keeping in contact with us they had everything set up for our group to catch up to our tour guide Penny who had set of with another couple of people prior to our late arrival!We caught up a little way down the springs. The views were amazing and the water was warm and clear which made for an awesome trip. Fun to navigate through the downed trees due to the recent unfortunate hurricane too. All in all a great trip and a hidden gem!Both Justin (Owner) and Penny were incredibly helpful and made us feel welcome the whole time! Also thanks to the other two on our trip who were equally great as we know we held you up a little waiting for us! �100% would recommend the Rock Springs Kayak tour!read more
Chris Ball
What a great experience. After two days of Disney Crowds it was a much needed peace and tranquility. The scenery was great and the guide was great as well. Loved the see through kayaks � Was able to see some wildlife throughout. It was a great way to end the week in Florida. If I ever get back I will definitely book again. Thanks for the fun!read more
Michele Illes
Was an awesome experience. Had never gone kayaking before this, but it was a really sweet first time to try it. The views were amazing and the water was beautiful. Justin was a great guide and really helped us make the most of our day trip down to Orlando.read more
Ken Fontal
My boyfriend and I went on the Rock Springs tour this past weekend and it was such a great experience! The clear kayaks made the feeling of being out on the water exploring one of Florida's gems just incredible and definitely memorable. There is a lot to see on the tour, between the wildlife and nature. This tour is a must if in the area!!read more
Natalie Dehaney
Great day out. Penny and Justin are very patient with newbies, knowledgable in region and animals and made the trip fun. We saw wildlife, had the opportunity to go for a dip in the crystal clear water and had more then enough photo stops. Will definitely be come back!! Thanks guys �read more
Aleks Stev
Was a great experience! Highly recommend it to everyone. My friend and I had a blast enjoyed some laughs while enjoying such a great scenery and even saw some beautiful wildlife. Justin and penny were both great guides, keep doing a great job! ��read more
Karen Romero
This tour is awesome! Our tour guide Justin was great and fun and he knew a lot about the area. The clear kayaks are so cool and unique, and the tour is beautiful. We did the Winter Park tour. Definitely recommend!read more
Nicole Gerrard
Horrible customer service. We originally looked into changing our date due to the fact their location was 3 hours from where we were staying and weather was not looking good for that day, they had one availability, and when we went to cancel our reservation they didn’t answer until almost a day later and charged us the FULL amount.read more
Brianna Calandra
We just got back from our tour of Rock Springs, and oh my days, what an adventure! The views, wildlife, weather, overall experience - it was all first class! Justin is a top bloke, delivering a top experience. From the first enquiry, right through to our tour this morning, he's been second to none - this activity is an absolute MUST for any trip to Orlando, and beats going to Sea World and the likes hands down. Thanks for everything Justin - a big thumbs up from your new buddies in Ireland! �read more
Neil Maguire
Get Up and Go Kayaking was an incredible experience! Had such a good time with a small group traveling down Rock Springs! We saw it all including some Gators and Turtles � Hunter was a great laugh and I would highly recommend! Can't wait to come back and do it again!read more
Kieran Mckevitt
This was an incredible opportunity to see a different side of my beautiful home state, Florida. I had the pleasure of partnering with Hunter who made this once in a lifetime event something that I would love to do again.read more
Jessica Dolores
We had a fantastic morning (28th November 2017). Our guide was both friendly and knowledgeable and managed to get us up close to birds of prey, herons, turtles and even a couple of alligators. The kayaks were light and easy to paddle and the surroundings were amazing. Thankyou to all at get up and go kayaking for an amazing experience...Keithread more
Keith Mckevitt
Had a amazing kayak trip today down Rock Spring Run with Justin as our tour guide. The clear kayaks are awesome!!Beautiful day, couldn't ask for anything more.Had fun on the rope swing and the water felt refreshing.Will defintely be doing it again soon!!read more
Dawn Carew
Me, my wife, and 7yr old went today. We drove almost 4 hours just to experience this. Man was it worth it. Justin is awesome. I can't wait to do it at night. This is a experience me and my family will never forget!!! Do not forget to do the rope swing!!read more
Jeff Yansak
The feeling of paddling in a see-through kayak is so awesome and is different. 坐在透明小船中划舟的感覺實在太棒了,這是個非常不同的經驗。願與大家分享我的感受。On a sunny afternoon last Friday, we joined with friends for the Rock Springs run kayak trip, guided by Justin. While paddling down the stream, we could clearly see swimming fishes and turtles below the kayak, and different kinds of waterfowls on the water. It was so relaxing, we let quiet stream tenderly push us sliding under the shade of big oak trees. Occasionally those alligators resting on the shore may stare at us as if to blame us why we were there...No doubt, this is one of the must visit places in Orlando area. Needless to say, Justin, the tour guide, also the owner of the program, is a very knowledgeable and friendly person. He is a real five stars tour guide.坐在透明小船中划舟的感覺實在太棒了,這是個非常不同的經驗。在一個陽光明媚的下午,好友偕同我们參加透明小船划舟遊溪,兩人一組,由Justin領隊解說。一路上我們可以清楚地看見水中的游鱼,烏龜和不同的水鳥。兩岸景觀美麗讓人感到十分放鬆。在安静的小溪幫我們輕輕推動下,我們順著大橡樹的陰影緩緩滑過,拌著涼風徐徐,以為是活在古人柳暗花明又一村的境地。偶爾會見到在岸邊晒太陽的鱷魚突然翻翻眼瞪著我們,似乎在責怪我們這羣不速之客破壞了如此美好的畫面...不蓋你,這是奥蘭多 Rock Spring 地區必须旅遊的景點之一,請記住必須先預約。導遊Justin,也是經營這個活動的老板,是一個非常有知識和友善的年輕人。他是個如假包換的五星級導遊達人。信不信由你,他也會講幾句中文,因為他大學曾經和北京來的室友學過幾句中文呢!read more
John Lin
We went on the Rock Springs trip with out of town guests. What a fantastic experience! It was absolutely gorgeous with so many fish, turtles, and abundant vegetation. I even had fun on the rope swing a couple of times.We can't say enough about Justin, the owner and our guide. He was very knowledgeable about the local wildlife and very friendly. He made the trip that much more enjoyable.We will definitely take future guests on this trip. We also hope to try the Bioluminescent trip next year.Thanks again, Justin!read more
Craig Edwards
We had a fantastic time. It was truly a unique experience. One that should not be missed. Justin and his tour guide Alex, were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. This tour should be an on everybody's bucket list. �read more
Becky Stevens-Sillery
We had such an amazing time! Everything went so smoothly and the trip was so relaxing. The clear kayaks are awesome. I was glad we got to see some of the wildlife around the area. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone heading down to Florida, It was perfect.read more
Valerie Visco
We did our Rock Spring tour on Nov 3. It was such a fun and unique experience. Justin was super helpful and knowledgable. We saw couples of baby alligators and many turtles. Being an outdoor person, I was searching for things to do besides theme parks. This tour was exactly what I hope for. I recommended this tour to everyone who plans to visit Orlando. I would definitely come back to do the Bioluminescent tour.read more
Vicky Huynh
The tour was great! We had a blast on the water. Justin is an excellent tour guide and we will for sure be doing another tour in the near future. Highly recommend!read more
Christie Lee
4 of my coworkers and I went on the rock springs tour on Wednesday amd it was AMAZING!! Justin was our guide and he was so wonderful. We had no isseues booking and they even sent me pictures of the water conditions prior to booking so I could make sure it was what I was looking for. Great customer servcice and the actual kayak tour was beautiful. We got to see some wildlife and Justin made sure everything went smoothly. Some of us even dud the rope swing at the end, I highly recommend....oh and the clear kayaks are awesome lol duhread more
Lexi Harris
You have to do this! Justin is amazing and so easy to work with. The trip was incredible. So peaceful and fun, even for those who have never kayaked before! We can't wait to go back and do the bioluminescent trip!read more
Beth Hendricks Roberts
We did the bioluminescent tour with Justin and it was great . It was such an amazing thing to see , he answered all questions and gave such a great tour. We will definitely come back and do it again !read more
Ashley Crews
We had an awesome experience with Justin on September 17th at Rock Springs! He is a wonderful, personable and knowledgeable guide. I highly recommend his company to anyone contemplating a kayaking adventure. I look forward to being back in Florida and trying out his other tours!read more
Sonya Schmid Geatros
My husband and I were honeymooning when I came across this company so we decided to try it out. Justin was super helpful and fun! It poured while we were out but it made it an extra adventure! We plan to do again next time we're in Florida! �read more
Kristina Lewkowicz
I highly recommend Get and go kayaking!It was an amazing experience that was unique and nothing that I've seen or done before. The Bioluminescent tour was absolutely beautiful and much enjoyed being able to see different wildlife such as the comb jellyfish, also having fun catching them. In such a clear night with no light pollution around, being able to look up and see shooting stars and the milky way shining bright; I was able to also paddle and see a galaxy of Bioluminescent below.To my very charismatic tour guide Justin! thank you for an amazing night, was a pleasure meeting you! �read more
Megan Lennard
This as a unique experience and gives you a chance to explore Orlando in a totally different way. I recently paddled the winter park experience and it really was worth it. The clear kayaks make it an even more unique experience than it already is. Justin was friendly, easy to get on with and was very patient with everyone. Whether you're new to kayaking, a bit rusty or a pro you're taken care of really well. It was a lovely day out, Justin was a great guide and I would also like mention how excellent Get Up and Go are with their communication and correspondence. I would definitely recommend Get Up and Go and will certainly pay a visit next time I'm in Orlando!read more
Mohini Bhatt
We have been on a personal trip to see manatees today with Get Up and Go Kayaking, after arranging it a few days ago with Justin, we turned up at Haulover Canal. Being in the clear kayaks was fantastic, getting up close to the manatees plus seeing herons, jelly fish, dolphins and other wildlife was great whilst paddling around. The fabulous part of the trip was some of the manatees actually interacted with us, they wanted to be touched, licked the bottom of the kayaks and followed us around. What an amazing adventure and lifetime opportunity! Thank you Justin.read more
Anita Hodge
Even if the water wasn’t as clear as it should be due to the hurricane we still loved it. Justin was very friendly and gave us a brilliant experience. He even gave us a chance to cancel due to the water not being clear but we are definitely glad we decided to still do it!read more
Victoria Knight
We went bioluminescent kayaking tonight & it was hands down one of the BEST experiences of my life!! Glow in the dark plankton & jelly fish ?! Seemed unreal !! Justin was such an awesome tour guide ! 100% would recommend !read more
Nicole Moceri
I recently wanted to on a new adventure with my sister so I decided do a bioluminescent tour though neither of us have ever been kayaking. Our tour guide, Justin, was not only patient with our kayaking inexperience, but also extremely kind, and accommodating! We launched with a group of six and he was attentive to everyone's needs. Once my sister and I got the hang of kayaking by ourselves (Justin had to get us help us A LOT in the beginning), it was smooth sailing for the rest of the trip. The clear kayaks really amplified the experience since the water glowed around us and UNDERNEATH us; not to mention the shooting stars in the sky, which were breathtaking! I would highly recommend this amazing company to anyone who is looking a great, new adventure. Thank you Justin for the great experience, you rock!read more
Genesis Agosto
Bioluminesence is a great experience. They have clear kayaks and that makes a huge difference because you can see more of it though the kayak, not only when you paddle. Justin is also very nice and provided an excellent service. Totally recommended!! Just don't forget the mosquitoes repellent.read more
Margarita Urrea
Justin is the best! We drove up to Rock Springs tour in his awesome kayaks. What a treat. It is just beautiful up there. Justin is extremely accommodating, patient with the beginner kayakers and knowledgeable of the wildlife and area. We can't wait to go to Merritt Island for the Bio tour at the end of Sept. Thank you again Justin!read more
Marnie S. Hoppe
It was awesome, I engage my girlfriend in his tour, and it was perfect. I recommend this tour your gonna have fun. Justin was awesome, very instructive on what we had to do.read more
Christopher Po
We had the best experience with Get Up And Go Kayaking! I can't imagine a bioluminescent tour in anything other than a clear kayak! Being able to see the water under and immediately around the kayak glowing added so much to the experience. And Justin was a great guide/host. Very knowledgeable and easy going. It made for a great birthday outing!read more
Nikki Harnett Deamer
This was an amazing experience....the clear kayaks are comfortable, and easy to maneuver. They also enabled us to see things underneath that we wouldn't have seen with a regular kayak. Justin is super nice and professional. We can't wait to take the bioluminescent tour before the summer ends. Get Up and Go is the ONLY way to go!!!read more
Ellie Nicholas
Justin was a great guide and instructor. My son and I had the Best time. We've been on a few tours before and nothing comes even close to comparing. Plus the clear kayaks are awe inspiring. We WILL be back!read more
Kristina Wingard
We booked our tour for Rock Springs yesterday morning at 9am. The serenity you feel paddling through the fresh spring water is indescribable- especially on the clear kayaks! You can see right through to the bottom of the water. Our tour guide and owner Justin was absolutely amazing. Not only did he give us an amazing tour, he allowed us to hop out and swim, jump off the rope swing, took pictures for us in the best spots, gave us tons of information on the Springs, and showed us lots of wild life ( deer, turtle, baby alligators, fish, and even some beautiful trees). Once the tour was over, Justin sent us all the amazing footage from his GoPro as well. This tour was one of a kind and a wonderful way to see Florida's beauty. If you are looking for a peaceful, fun, personal tour of the Springs, this is the way to go! We can not wait to book the bioluminescent tour soon. Thanks again Justin! Jenn and Erik Eklundread more
Jenny Eklund
The bio luminescent night trip was awesome. Justin does a great job with his clear kayaks. It's hard to keep a group together in the daytime much less in the dark of night, wind and current. Watching "fireflies" in the water is a crazy thing that's hard to believe until you've experienced it. Just shaking your hand in the water produces "sparks". We had so much fun. Thanks Justin for the tour.read more
John Schmidt
I went on the bioluminescent tour with Justin. I've done this tour before with larger companies and regular kayaks, but let me assure you, a clear kayak (and smaller group) is a FAR superior way to experience this! You may have seen bioluminescence at the beach before, but I promise this is different. The refuge is far from any light pollution, and the bio is so concentrated in this area that it is utter magic. When you disturb a school of fish they dart around, leaving shooting-stars of green sparkles under the water. And unlike regular kayaks, in a clear kayak you can just watch below you and it looks like, in my son's words, the cockpit of a ship going into hyperspace. 😀 Every Floridian should do this at least once. If you get there before sunset you're also likely to see dolphins and manatees. We watched a mating herd of about 7 manatees for about an hour from the boat ramp before the tour began. You don't have to be an experienced kayaker and paddling in the dark is not as weird as it sounds. You can clearly see one another. It's just peaceful and something you will remember for the rest of your life. My kids, who have kayaked in bioluminescence many times, said this was definitely the best version because of the small group and the clear kayaks. Another word about Justin specifically. I made a stupid scheduling mistake. With a larger company it would have been more difficult to fix, or I may have been out of luck entirely and my family (visiting from another state) would have just missed out on this experience. He went beyond what I expected, moving his schedule around VERY last minute and was gracious about it. Thank you Justin!read more
Brenda Ingram Wells
The best kayaking experience I've ever had! Not only were the clear kayaks amazing but it was extremely accessible. I have a spinal cord injury so I use a wheelchair and I'm unable to walk; however, I had no issues kayaking. I highly recommend this adventure!read more
Labrawn Saffold
I went out on a tour at rock springs run with justin. I have got to say that i loved the see through kayaks. The tour was very fun a peaceful. Beauty around every turn. He was a real cool guide and i would recommend a tour with him to anybody wanting a one of a kind experience!! I want to go again already! Lolread more
Ron Washington
We took the Rock Springs tour on Sunday 5/21 and had an awesome experience! Justin took us out right on schedule and was very knowledgeable about the area. He was a great instructor during the tricky parts of the trip and very patient with us. He even stored our bags and phones in a dry bag just in case of an accidental tip over. To cap it off, the same evening he emailed me great photos from our adventure!read more
Kaitlyn Grace
We just did our Rock Springs run yesterday with Justin, and what an amazing and unique experience that was! We were trying to book it for the 16th because it was going to be my birthday adventure, but it also happened to be Easter so we booked for the following Sunday. I was extremely paranoid that we were going to get rained out, but that never happened. It was occasionally overcast so it provided some good shade while we were paddling against the current. We saw one baby gator and a decent sized turtle, but the minimal amount of wildlife didn't phase us because of the nature around AND beneath us! Justin was extremely patient and very nimble on the kayak. I will say if you ride single, you'll be more prone to spin out because of how these kayaks are designed. I can't wait for the bio luminescent tour!read more
Jessica Han
I have to admit, the tour seriously was worth every second. Couldn't have been happier with how it went! Justin is a really awesome guy and he was patient and kind. Took my gf on the trip and she wouldn't stop talking about it. Actually both of us wouldn't stop talking about it! Beautiful wildlife, clear water, and overall a experience you really never imagined you could get in Orlando. I'd pick six stars but it only goes to 5.read more
Luke William
We had an amazing time paddling through Rock Springs with Justin. He was very knowledgeable about the animals we saw and where to find them, plant life and just the area in general. He was very patient with lots of picture taking and we never felt rushed. It was a wonderful adventure and incredible way to experience such a beautiful area. So much would have been missed had we not had the clear kayaks.read more
Laura Jakubowski
After months of trying to plan a trip down to Apopka to go clear kayaking with Get Up and Go Kayaking, I finally made it down this Sunday. The experience exceeded my expectations. Rock Springs run was beautiful, and our trip was fantastic! Justin was so nice and helpful. I am used to kayaking solo in a much heavier kayak, so kayaking tandem in a clear one was a bit tricky at first. Justin patiently coached us along, and helped us navigate the trickier areas. I highly recommend Get Up and Go!read more
Melissa Mouriz Redon
We did the Rock Springs guided tour with Justin. He is an amazing instructor-guide, extremely patient and knows every little inch of the springs . It was our first experience kayaking and he was very kind and knowledgeable guiding us . We will be scheduling another tour soon!! � ps: Justin provided us fantastic pics and videos� so gratefulread more
Nivea Coutinho
A beautiful experience that is completely different from other kayaking or canoeing. Justin was a tremendous help in getting us acclimated to the kayak and he did it with a great sense of humor and patience.read more
Jza Nikita
We had such a great time with Justin! We went on the Rock Springs tour and it was beautiful! He was very patient with us and helped explain how to navigate through the springs. The clear kayaks are super cool and different and make for great pictures. We definitely recommend booking a tour with Justin and will definitely book again ourselves!read more
Amy Lavner
My husband and I went on the winter park chain of lakes tour today and we had an incredible time. Justin is so patient and helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We will definitely be booking more tours in the futureread more
Claudia Zuriarrain
Did the Rock Springs Run paddle today with Justin and had a blast! I took my boyfriend and sister and we all had a really good time. Not only is Rock Springs beautiful, we also spotted tons of wildlife including baby alligators, an otter, birds, and plenty of fish. None of us had been kayaking for quite some time, and these kayaks do take a bit of time to get used to, but Justin was super helpful and patient with us. Eventually we got the hang of it, and all laughed at ourselves when we ran into things. 🙂 This is honestly one of the best kayak tours I've done in Central Florida--the clear kayaks offer a unique experience and the location is gorgeous, and Justin was a wonderful guide. I can't wait to come back again...I really want to do the bioluminescence tour this summer.read more
Stephanie Patterson
We did the Rock Springs tour and absolutely LOVED it! Justin was an incredible guide and very easy going which made it feel like you were out with a bunch of friends! The kayaks are spectacular! If you're a newbie they can be a little tricky but Justin gives awesome advice on how to paddle correctly! I am looking forward to coming back and doing more tours!read more
Irina Burke
Justin took a friend and I out on a tour this past week and it was AMAZING to say the least. I've went bioluminescent kayaking last year with a different company and this was a completely different experience. With Get Up and Go Kayaking's kayaks being completely clear, it looks like you're paddling on top of a galaxy of stars. You see sparkles of what looks like glitter everywhere UNDERNEATH you. My friend and I were in awe. We were also joined by a dolphin which was really neat! If you're thinking about doing a tour, I would definitely recommend going with Get Up and Go Kayaking! The 5 star experience was more than worth it.read more
Tia Michelle