Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring on my kayak tour? 

We encourage you to bring the following:

  • Bug spray (we suggest long sleeves + pants for bioluminescent)
    • Please use DRY bug spray prior to entering the boat and allow it to dry as the spray can damage the clear kayak and viewing experience for future guests.
  • Water
  • Swimsuit/Clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet.
    • The paddles will drip a little bit of water into the boat so a change of clothes may be necessary afterwards.
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/hat
    • Please apply prior to entering the boat and allow it to dry as best as possible.
  • Shoes that can get wet/sandals
  • Towel for after the trip.
  • Ziplock bag to store any items you wish to take on the boat.
  • Any extra gear you’d like. Remember- the less gear, the more visibility through the kayak.
    • For bioluminescent paddles:
      • GoPro’s/iPhone’s/DSLR’s often are not able to capture the bioluminescent on camera unless they have extreme low-light capabilities.

What should I know about the tours?

  • Depending on location, bathrooms may not be accessible.
  • Tours will be just under 2 hours on the water (unless otherwise requested).
  • Expect to see some wildlife/animals and learn the basics about the surrounding area.
  • Every tour is given on one of our 100% clear kayaks.
  • Our fleet is small (5 kayaks) so expect an exclusive experience (no more than 10 people at a time).
  • Private tours are available per request.
  • Our guides are always helpful and entertaining.
  • Be prepared to have fun.

What skill level is needed for kayaking?

Our tours are made for any skill levels to participate, we will have basic tips and tricks to help you maneuver the waterways

Is it appropriate to give a gratuity/tip to our tour guide?

This is completely up to you. If you feel as though the experience executed by the guide is worthy of a tip, please do! Tips are greatly appreciated.

Is there a weight limit for the kayaks? 

Our weight limit is 415 pounds per 2 people that are in the same kayak. All of our kayaks are double kayaks. Please let us know while making your booking if this may be an issue.

What are the kayaks made of?

Our 100% see through kayaks are made of polycarbonate which is commonly used in bulletproof glass, fighter jet canopies, and submarine viewports!

If any additional information is needed, please feel free to reach out via our contact page!