Travel through 3 of Winter Park’s most beautiful lakes on this relaxing tour in a clear kayak.

Be ready for a sunset excursion or daytime paddle that will showcase Winter Park’s natural beauty from the water.
We’ll guide the way through narrow Venetian style canals lined with some of Florida’s finest flora and fauna.

Plenty of birds, fish, and other wildlife will no doubt make an appearance, along with the
extravagant houses that are nestled among the lakes.

Book your trip today in our clear kayaks for a one-of-a-kind experience.

*Tour lasts approx 2 hours and is $45+tax per person*
*Weight limit is 415 per kayak*

– Photo package available for an additional $20 per boat –
*Includes over 50 original pictures with select edits*


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Bioluminesence is a great experience. They have clear kayaks and that makes a huge difference because you can see more of it though the kayak, not only when you paddle. Justin is also very nice and provided an excellent service. Totally recommended!! Just don't forget the mosquitoes more
Margarita Urrea
Justin is the best! We drove up to Rock Springs tour in his awesome kayaks. What a treat. It is just beautiful up there. Justin is extremely accommodating, patient with the beginner kayakers and knowledgeable of the wildlife and area. We can't wait to go to Merritt Island for the Bio tour at the end of Sept. Thank you again Justin!read more
Marnie S. Hoppe
It was awesome, I engage my girlfriend in his tour, and it was perfect. I recommend this tour your gonna have fun. Justin was awesome, very instructive on what we had to more
Christopher Po
We had the best experience with Get Up And Go Kayaking! I can't imagine a bioluminescent tour in anything other than a clear kayak! Being able to see the water under and immediately around the kayak glowing added so much to the experience. And Justin was a great guide/host. Very knowledgeable and easy going. It made for a great birthday outing!read more
Nikki Harnett Deamer
This was an amazing experience....the clear kayaks are comfortable, and easy to maneuver. They also enabled us to see things underneath that we wouldn't have seen with a regular kayak. Justin is super nice and professional. We can't wait to take the bioluminescent tour before the summer ends. Get Up and Go is the ONLY way to go!!!read more
Ellie Nicholas
Justin was a great guide and instructor. My son and I had the Best time. We've been on a few tours before and nothing comes even close to comparing. Plus the clear kayaks are awe inspiring. We WILL be back!read more
Kristina Wingard
We booked our tour for Rock Springs yesterday morning at 9am. The serenity you feel paddling through the fresh spring water is indescribable- especially on the clear kayaks! You can see right through to the bottom of the water. Our tour guide and owner Justin was absolutely amazing. Not only did he give us an amazing tour, he allowed us to hop out and swim, jump off the rope swing, took pictures for us in the best spots, gave us tons of information on the Springs, and showed us lots of wild life ( deer, turtle, baby alligators, fish, and even some beautiful trees). Once the tour was over, Justin sent us all the amazing footage from his GoPro as well. This tour was one of a kind and a wonderful way to see Florida's beauty. If you are looking for a peaceful, fun, personal tour of the Springs, this is the way to go! We can not wait to book the bioluminescent tour soon. Thanks again Justin! Jenn and Erik Eklundread more
Jenny Eklund
The bio luminescent night trip was awesome. Justin does a great job with his clear kayaks. It's hard to keep a group together in the daytime much less in the dark of night, wind and current. Watching "fireflies" in the water is a crazy thing that's hard to believe until you've experienced it. Just shaking your hand in the water produces "sparks". We had so much fun. Thanks Justin for the more
John Schmidt
We rented 3 clear kayaks for the Rock Springs tour! It was a blast! Definitely should put bug spray on before launch and bring it with you. Justin was an awesome guide throughout the tour. Even though we maaaaay have sunk one of our kayaks, he was a trooper and helped us back on. Lol Would definitely re-book for future trips! For a bunch of amateurs, 3 adults and 3 kids, Justin handled our group well! Thank you!read more
Gabby Fajardo
I went on the bioluminescent tour with Justin. I've done this tour before with larger companies and regular kayaks, but let me assure you, a clear kayak (and smaller group) is a FAR superior way to experience this! You may have seen bioluminescence at the beach before, but I promise this is different. The refuge is far from any light pollution, and the bio is so concentrated in this area that it is utter magic. When you disturb a school of fish they dart around, leaving shooting-stars of green sparkles under the water. And unlike regular kayaks, in a clear kayak you can just watch below you and it looks like, in my son's words, the cockpit of a ship going into hyperspace. 😀 Every Floridian should do this at least once. If you get there before sunset you're also likely to see dolphins and manatees. We watched a mating herd of about 7 manatees for about an hour from the boat ramp before the tour began. You don't have to be an experienced kayaker and paddling in the dark is not as weird as it sounds. You can clearly see one another. It's just peaceful and something you will remember for the rest of your life. My kids, who have kayaked in bioluminescence many times, said this was definitely the best version because of the small group and the clear kayaks. Another word about Justin specifically. I made a stupid scheduling mistake. With a larger company it would have been more difficult to fix, or I may have been out of luck entirely and my family (visiting from another state) would have just missed out on this experience. He went beyond what I expected, moving his schedule around VERY last minute and was gracious about it. Thank you Justin!read more
Brenda Ingram Wells
The best kayaking experience I've ever had! Not only were the clear kayaks amazing but it was extremely accessible. I have a spinal cord injury so I use a wheelchair and I'm unable to walk; however, I had no issues kayaking. I highly recommend this adventure!read more
Labrawn Saffold
I went out on a tour at rock springs run with justin. I have got to say that i loved the see through kayaks. The tour was very fun a peaceful. Beauty around every turn. He was a real cool guide and i would recommend a tour with him to anybody wanting a one of a kind experience!! I want to go again already! Lolread more
Ron Washington
We took the Rock Springs tour on Sunday 5/21 and had an awesome experience! Justin took us out right on schedule and was very knowledgeable about the area. He was a great instructor during the tricky parts of the trip and very patient with us. He even stored our bags and phones in a dry bag just in case of an accidental tip over. To cap it off, the same evening he emailed me great photos from our adventure!read more
Kaitlyn Grace
I booked a sunset paddle on the Winter Park chain of lakes for my fiancé and I the other night and it was so much fun! Justin made everything so easy, you just have to show up! Even if you're a first time kayaker, the pace is slower and relaxed so you can take in the sights. I enjoyed kayaking much more with this clear kayaks because they are so lightweight and nimble, not to mention beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and we saw a lot of interesting birds. We took some time to stop and take in the setting sun. With the clear kayaks you can't take a bad photo because everything looks so neat! I would definitely recommend using Get Up and Go Kayaking for anyone's next outdoor excursion!read more
Grace Christino
We just did our Rock Springs run yesterday with Justin, and what an amazing and unique experience that was! We were trying to book it for the 16th because it was going to be my birthday adventure, but it also happened to be Easter so we booked for the following Sunday. I was extremely paranoid that we were going to get rained out, but that never happened. It was occasionally overcast so it provided some good shade while we were paddling against the current. We saw one baby gator and a decent sized turtle, but the minimal amount of wildlife didn't phase us because of the nature around AND beneath us! Justin was extremely patient and very nimble on the kayak. I will say if you ride single, you'll be more prone to spin out because of how these kayaks are designed. I can't wait for the bio luminescent tour!read more
Jessica Han
I have to admit, the tour seriously was worth every second. Couldn't have been happier with how it went! Justin is a really awesome guy and he was patient and kind. Took my gf on the trip and she wouldn't stop talking about it. Actually both of us wouldn't stop talking about it! Beautiful wildlife, clear water, and overall a experience you really never imagined you could get in Orlando. I'd pick six stars but it only goes to more
Luke William
We had an amazing time paddling through Rock Springs with Justin. He was very knowledgeable about the animals we saw and where to find them, plant life and just the area in general. He was very patient with lots of picture taking and we never felt rushed. It was a wonderful adventure and incredible way to experience such a beautiful area. So much would have been missed had we not had the clear more
Laura Jakubowski
After months of trying to plan a trip down to Apopka to go clear kayaking with Get Up and Go Kayaking, I finally made it down this Sunday. The experience exceeded my expectations. Rock Springs run was beautiful, and our trip was fantastic! Justin was so nice and helpful. I am used to kayaking solo in a much heavier kayak, so kayaking tandem in a clear one was a bit tricky at first. Justin patiently coached us along, and helped us navigate the trickier areas. I highly recommend Get Up and Go!read more
Melissa Mouriz Redon
We did the Rock Springs guided tour with Justin. He is an amazing instructor-guide, extremely patient and knows every little inch of the springs . It was our first experience kayaking and he was very kind and knowledgeable guiding us . We will be scheduling another tour soon!! � ps: Justin provided us fantastic pics and videos� so gratefulread more
Nivea Coutinho
A beautiful experience that is completely different from other kayaking or canoeing. Justin was a tremendous help in getting us acclimated to the kayak and he did it with a great sense of humor and more
Jza Nikita
Amazing experience!!! Justin was extremely helpful, Rock Springs is one of the most beautiful places I have kayaked in Florida, we had so much fun and is definitely a must thing to do in Central Florida!read more
Sandy García
We had such a great time with Justin! We went on the Rock Springs tour and it was beautiful! He was very patient with us and helped explain how to navigate through the springs. The clear kayaks are super cool and different and make for great pictures. We definitely recommend booking a tour with Justin and will definitely book again ourselves!read more
Amy Lavner
My husband and I went on the winter park chain of lakes tour today and we had an incredible time. Justin is so patient and helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We will definitely be booking more tours in the futureread more
Claudia Zuriarrain
Did the Rock Springs Run paddle today with Justin and had a blast! I took my boyfriend and sister and we all had a really good time. Not only is Rock Springs beautiful, we also spotted tons of wildlife including baby alligators, an otter, birds, and plenty of fish. None of us had been kayaking for quite some time, and these kayaks do take a bit of time to get used to, but Justin was super helpful and patient with us. Eventually we got the hang of it, and all laughed at ourselves when we ran into things. 🙂 This is honestly one of the best kayak tours I've done in Central Florida--the clear kayaks offer a unique experience and the location is gorgeous, and Justin was a wonderful guide. I can't wait to come back again...I really want to do the bioluminescence tour this more
Stephanie Patterson
I bought Winter Park sunset tours for my In-laws and Sister In-law and booked it for the 26th. Then the weather changed and we got worried about going out in the rain. My Sister In-law was flying back to LA later in the week so Justin worked with us to reschedule and went out of his way to get a tour out the next day even though it was not one of his normal tour days. I cannot recommend Get Up and Go more and we will be booking a bio-luminescent tour the next time they are more
Eric Taylor
We did the Rock Springs tour and absolutely LOVED it! Justin was an incredible guide and very easy going which made it feel like you were out with a bunch of friends! The kayaks are spectacular! If you're a newbie they can be a little tricky but Justin gives awesome advice on how to paddle correctly! I am looking forward to coming back and doing more tours!read more
Irina Burke
Justin took a friend and I out on a tour this past week and it was AMAZING to say the least. I've went bioluminescent kayaking last year with a different company and this was a completely different experience. With Get Up and Go Kayaking's kayaks being completely clear, it looks like you're paddling on top of a galaxy of stars. You see sparkles of what looks like glitter everywhere UNDERNEATH you. My friend and I were in awe. We were also joined by a dolphin which was really neat! If you're thinking about doing a tour, I would definitely recommend going with Get Up and Go Kayaking! The 5 star experience was more than worth more
Tia Michelle