Justin Buzzi


Owner & previous guide at Get Up And Go Kayaking!
Since hiring the great guides below, Justin has focused more on growing and expanding the business.
With Get Up And Go Kayaking officially a franchise, Justin now oversees all franchising activities and training.
He is an adventure seeker and nature lover.
Justin is a graduate of UCF – College of Business specializing in Marketing! Go Knights!

Austin Stoner

Lead Tour Guide

He is a true Orlando native and a great source of local must-do’s.
Austin is a huge Orlando City fan and also enjoys playing soccer.
If you’re ever frustrated and need someone to help build IKEA furniture, he is your guy!
One day Austin hopes to work in Yosemite National Park!
Austin is a soon-to-be graduate of UCF-Rosen with his Bachelors in Hospitality and Event Management.

Ally Greco


Ally is the ultimate nature enthusiast and spring-lover! Ally is currently on a quest to visit all 174 Florida State Parks! She’s been scuba diving in 9 different Florida springs. To top it off, she’s got her Master’s Degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism from the University of Florida!

Tyler Schwab


Catch Tyler just about anywhere throughout Florida, he will travel far and wide for the right bite! Tyler is an avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in the Orlando area so he’s got lots of great local knowledge. He’s super friendly and willing to go above and beyond for our guests. Tyler plans on moving to Hawaii in the future! Tyler has what we call the “perfect record” with only great five-star reviews! 

Austin Adkins

Crystal River Franchise Owner

Austin is a previous guide for our main Get Up And Go Kayaking locations but has since started his own location in Crystal River!

Austin is an avid golfer and drummer! He’s also getting married in June.
Austin is a blast to have as a guide and is very patient!
He also collects koozies and is deathly afraid of spiders so please ask him to remove one if you ever get one in your kayak!
Austin has a Bachelors in Business Management from Daytona State College.

Tia Michelle

Winter park franchise owner

Tia is a previous marketing and customer service specialist for our flagship locations! Since, she has now taken over ownership of our amazing Winter Park location!
If you’ve seen some of our viral videos online, you’ve already seen Tia in action!
She’s huge on adventure so she fits right in! Tia is a graduate from UCF-Rosen specializing in Hospitality and Event Management.

Hunter Adkins

Tour Guide

He’s a twin (see above) and also leads worship at Real Life.
Hunter teaches a risk prevention program for students in middle and high school.
He is great with all ages and a blast to be on the water with! Hunter is also awesome with first-time-paddlers!
And yes, he can also rap the whole fresh prince of bel air song (not just the TV version). Dare him to do something for $20 – he’ll do it.
Hunter has a Bachelors in English Lit. from UCF.

Alex Wagner

Tour Guide

He is an outdoor lover! Alex is actively trying to visit each National Park in the U.S.
He’s already made it to 11 so far! Alex was a professional golfer from 2009-2012. He has his Bachelors in Marketing from
Northern Illinois University and is a huge Chicago sports fan.
Alex has paddled the Indian River Lagoon the last 6 years and is big into paddle boarding!
Alex lives with his wife and 2 dogs and just had his first child! 

Penny Hunt

Tour Guide

Pictured on the left, Penny is the ultimate tour guide!
From white water rafting tours in West Virginia to bicycle tours around the Grand Canyon, she’s done it all!
If you’re an adventure junky like us you’ll get along great with Penny! Her experience makes her great with all ages!
Penny has gone to West Virginia to do white water rafting tours for the summer! We hope she’s back in the fall!

Alex McKeeman

Tour Guide

Pictured in the middle, Alex unfortunately passed away in late 2017 during a cave diving incident.
We hope his memory brings awareness to the necessary precautions of cave diving and spring-loving community.
Alex was an adventure seeker and certainly a great entertainer on the water!
He was on a mission to take a picture of every animal in Florida – so he’d always be on the lookout.
Alex could swim to depths of 80ft (24 meters) down on one breath. He had lived everywhere in Florida from Key West to the panhandle so he was a wealth of knowledge.
Essentially, Alex loved water more than fish. Oh, and he had a cute pet beagle.