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Are you ready to Get Up and GLOW?! Our bioluminescent tours are given in our amazing 100% clear kayaks! We only bring groups of up to 10 people out on the water at a time so be ready for an awesome personalized experience with our top notch guides. We have 2 tour guides per group which makes for an even better experience! We believe that giving the information about the bioluminescence and surrounding areas in a fun and caring way will leave a lasting effect to all guests!

Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism. When the organisms move in the water they create a beautiful glowing effect. This means that you can see fish underwater by the glow that they give off as they swim, your paddle will glow as you maneuver the waterways, and the natural flow of water will illuminate these organisms. We often see dolphins, manatees, rays, and so much more ignite the bioluminescence at night as well!

We’re the first clear kayaking bioluminescent company and proud of it! The great thing about paddling in our clear kayaks in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is that you can also see the glowing directly below you! Paddling in a clear kayak will enhance your bioluminescence viewing experience by a long shot!

Please keep in mind that we do offer tours at midnight and later. If you book a time that late, it may look like it is on the next day because of the time. Please double check all dates/times!

As we are Florida’s premier clear kayaking bioluminescent destination, we’ve got the BEST Bioluminescent Tours in Florida as our clear kayaks provide the absolute best ability to view the bioluminescence!


Take an adventure through the incredibly scenic Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge! Our clear kayak tours give you the possibility of seeing unique local nature and wildlife without hinderance.

The Refuge is home to hundreds of manatees and friendly dolphins so keep your eyes peeled! Our guides will lead you to the best spots to view wildlife up close.

As we are Florida’s premier clear kayaking bioluminescent destination, we’ve got the BEST Bioluminescent Tours in Florida as our clear kayaks provide the absolute best ability to view the bioluminescence!

The Refuge contains over 1000 species of plants, 117 species of fish, 68 amphibians and reptiles, 330 birds, and 31 mammal species, of which at least 14 species are listed as endangered by the state of Florida or by the US federal government. There’s no shortage of wildlife!




In the summer of 2023 we are introducing an all new VIP bioluminescent experience – BOOKABLE BELOW!

What makes it so special?

RAD CONTENT: We will film your epic experience, edit the video and send it to you afterward! Boom! Surely, you will be the envy of all your friends.

VIP STATUS: This customized paddle is a private experience in our clear kayaks and limited to only two guests. That means, one-on-one time with any marine animals that swing by!

EXTENDED LENGTH: This tour lasts up to three hours (1.5 hours longer than our public tour).

MORE PLAY TIME: Stop along the tour, get out of the kayak and play with the sparkling water along a hidden cove. Sky’s the limit here: Use a net to create swirls around you, splash around, see the neon blue dots roll off your skin…just to name a few.

PADDLE WITH THE FOUNDER: Justin Buzzi is a legend in these parts. As the founder of Get Up And Go Kayaking and a native Floridian, he’s spent a gazillion hours out on the water. After six-plus years filming the bioluminescence and providing tours, he’s figured out how to successfully capture the content. Not an easy task! Low light combined with fast action make it nearly impossible unless you have super fancy camera gear. (Check out the video above).

EXTREMELY LIMITED: These private tours are only offered on select nights during the bioluminescent season.

PRO CAMERA EQUIPMENT: the experience will be filmed on Sony A7Siii and high end lenses to capture the bio at its brightest.

This is the only opportunity to capture a bioluminescence experience on video anywhere in the world! Please book ahead to secure your spot on this one-of-a-kind experience.

↠ FAQ’s ↞

Star Outline

We’ve been given TripAdvisor’s highest ranking every year since we’ve started! Our tours have also been ranked #2 in the US by USA TODAY!


We’re passionate about the outdoors, and believe in being good stewards of the environment, which is why we donate a portion of each tour to Florida Land & Springs Conservation.


Our max group size is 10 paddlers – the perfect size to hear our guides and enjoy conversations along the way. (Larger private parties may be available upon request. Group size may vary slightly by location.)

Open Book

Soak up the sights – and some knowledge! Learn unique facts along the paddle about the bioluminescence, local waterways, wildlife, and more from our awesome guides.


Don’t let a normal kayak hinder your view! Our clear kayaks are the absolute best way to view the bioluminescence under your kayak as you paddle!

Check Calendar

We’ve got you covered! All of the guided kayak tours we offer require reservations. By booking ahead of time online, you’ll guarantee your spot on the tour.



Collect the exclusive Bioluminescent sticker on the day of your tour from your guide! Collecting more location stickers can unlock some great rewards. Learn more about our loyalty program HERE!



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Testimonial Kayak Icon
So Fun!

Kayak tour was great, such a fun environment the tour guide Wolf was so funny and made everything so fun, he had great fun facts about the canal and the space center. 10/10 would recommend, this was one of the most memorable experiences.

– Angel T. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Bioluminescence Tour

I want to thank our guide Wolf for an amazing experience. I have been wanting to see the bioluminescence lights for the longest but avoided kayaking at night; once I got to the ramp and I met our guide Wolf I felt completely comfortable and at ease. He knew where to take us, his experience, knowledge and excitement made the tour an unexpectedly pleasant affair. We even saw dolphins and we had time to really take in the night, admire a lovely starry sky and the surroundings. Beyond the magic of the bioluminescence he made me feel safe.

– Yaimara G. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Great Adventure

We had an amazing trip tonight. The water was brilliant, quite literally. Our guide Wolf did a great job of explaining different info about history and wildlife, and taking us to great spots to really see the bioluminescence. We also saw dolphins and a manatee! I think my favorite part was when he took us to the lagoon and stirred up all the fish so they were jumping and swimming everywhere.

– Joy | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Worth It!

I went on the bioluminescent tour with my brother and his wife and we very much enjoyed it. It was beautiful and the tour guides (Liz, Jake, and Alex) were very nice and helpful.

– Alexa N. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Amazing Kayaking

We had an amazing time on our night time kayaking. Both Liz and Zack were great fun and very knowledgeable. We were lucky enough to see lots of dolphins and heard a few manatees although unfortunately didn’t get to see them. Would thoroughly recommend this experience and would certainly do it again.

– DayTrip | Tripadvisor


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Why Does Bioluminescence Happen in Florida?

Why Does Bioluminescence Happen in Florida? Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon that occurs through a chemical reaction that produces light energy in an organism’s body. This reaction only occurs in species that contain luciferin, a molecule that produces light when it reacts with oxygen. There are different types of luciferin, which vary depending on the…


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