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With 2 current locations across Texas and more in the works, we’ve got a few amazing tour options for you to choose from! Take a scenic clear kayak paddle through Grapevine Lake near DFW or adventure through the crystal clear waters of San Marcos!



San Marcos Clear Kayak Tour

FROM $65

Explore the crystal clear San Marcos River in Texas with Get Up And Go Kayaking’s clear kayak tours. Perfect for beginners and intermediate paddlers, these tours provide an enchanting experience with our LED-lit kayaks during both sunset and glow-in-the-dark excursions. Glide effortlessly through tranquil waters as the vibrant Texas sunset paints the sky, or discover the river’s nighttime magic, viewing endangered wild rice and native wildlife beneath the surface. Our expert guides ensure a safe and memorable adventure, making this a must-do for nature lovers and anyone seeking a peaceful escape. Book your tour today and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the San Marcos River.

Grapevine Lake Clear Kayak Tour

FROM $65

Join Get Up And Go Kayaking for an unforgettable experience on Grapevine Lake, Texas, with our unique clear kayak tours. Glide over the lake’s calm waters at sunset, watching the Texas sky light up in vibrant colors, or embark on a magical night-time journey with our glow-in-the-dark, LED-lit kayaks. These tours offer a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility, ideal for nature lovers, romantics, or anyone seeking a serene escape. With professional guides and tours suitable for all skill levels, a kayak adventure on Grapevine Lake is an essential Texas experience. Book now to capture the enchanting atmosphere of Grapevine Lake under the sunset or starlit sky.