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Kayaking Rock Springs in Clear Kayaks!
"If you’re visiting Florida, don’t miss one of the many gorgeous springs this area has to offer! It’s a great way to spend an afternoon out in the middle of nature, especially before or after a weekend of visiting the theme parks!"


Like a Local: Clear-Kayaking at Rock Springs Run
"One gorgeous area that will absolutely steal your heart is Rock Springs Run State Reserve in Apopka, about a half hour from Orlando."

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Explore Central Florida on a Clear Kayak Adventure
"It’s amazing that places like this exist right in our own backyard."

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Central Florida Kayaking Adventures to Try This Summer
"Once you get paddling fast enough, you’ll love watching the glowing plankton flash by like shooting stars beneath you."

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10 Awesome Things to do in Orlando
"Kayaking is a great way to sneak in a good workout while also marveling at the city’s natural surroundings."

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