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Let’s take an adventure on a kayak while podcasting. GaryVee gave me this idea during a 4D’s session (deep dive) on my business. During this podcast we will paddle through unique locations with all sorts of different guests. We chat pop culture, life, struggles, successes, and so much more.


In this podcast alongside my cohost’s Kai Kaapro and Brett Ridenour, we discuss scaling businesses. As Kai and I have both grown to 30+ unit franchises, we have unique perspectives on growing businesses and especially within the experiences industry. We host a variety of guests that have grown and scaled their own businesses to discuss different tactics and their ‘secret sauce’ to their growth.

Building A Buzz With Justin Buzzi

Justin Buzzi reveals his tips and tricks on bettering yourself, your business, and hopefully achieving your own idea of success! Learn about unique ways to make your business stand out while also enjoying guests that have continually made a buzz within their industry! Justin Buzzi is an active business coach with lots of great marketing insights that he’s done within his own company (Get Up And Go Kayaking), as well as helping others with theirs. Subscribe to always catch the latest discussions and ways to build your own buzz! And as always, be sure to follow along at @J_Buzzi!