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Gilchrist Blue Springs Kayak Tour

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Adult Ages 18+
Child Ages 3-17

Discover the Magic: 2-Hour Clear Kayak Tour at Rum Island & Gilchrist Blue Springs

Our adventure begins with a leisurely paddle against the Santa Fe River’s current – this paddle is perfect for beginners and intermediates. Led by our expect guides, you’ll encounter locally renowned springs, Instagram-worthy moments, all while being surrounded by abundant wildlife and beautiful authentic “Old Florida” landscapes.

After your upstream efforts, the second half of the tour is a relaxing a float downstream, where you’ll learn more about the history of Rum Island and where it got it’s name. Enjoy the beautiful Santa Fe River, a designated state of Florida paddling trail while you make your way to visit the stunning Gilchrist Blue Spring. Here you can choose to swim, snorkel, or explore more of the Gilchrist Spring Run and Group. Learn about the unique qualities that make this place one of the most stunning displays of submerged aquatic vegetation in the State of Florida. The swimming area is over 20ft deep, releasing over 44millions of fresh water every day!

As our adventure concludes, we’ll take a short 15min float/paddle back to Rum Island County Park, where you can continue enjoying the park’s fantastic amenities, including two picturesque springs within walking distance to your vehicle. Get ready for a fun and educational experience – your Santa Fe adventure awaits!

Be on the lookout for white-tail deer, river otters, turtles, herons, and so much more!

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