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Guided Clear Kayak Tours



Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Get Up and Go Kayaking-Jupiter, as we invite adventurers of all ages, from 3 to 103, to experience the wonders of the natural world from a unique vantage point. Join us on a guided tour through the pristine, crystal-clear waters of Jupiter, FL in our 100% transparent kayaks.

Experience the Healing Power of Nature Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature, where the stress of daily life dissipates, and a sense of serenity takes its place. The gentle sound of lapping water, the vibrant colors of the mangroves, and the invigorating sea breeze are your therapy in the heart of Florida’s stunning environment.

Wildlife Encounters Like No Other Picture this: gliding over the blueish-green waters, you’re treated to the ultimate window seat for nature’s grand performance. Encounters may include curious manatees, diving sea turtles, and vibrant starfish, all in their natural habitat. It’s a front-row experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Connect with the Natural World In this digital age, being present in the moment can be a rare luxury. Our clear kayaking tours provide the opportunity to disconnect from screens and immerse yourself in the rhythms of the natural world. It’s a chance to bond with family, friends, or even embark on a solo adventure while rediscovering the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors.

As you paddle alongside the lush mangroves that line the picturesque waterway, keep your eyes peeled for the captivating wildlife above and below the water’s surface. Our guides are experts at spotting the hidden treasures of Jupiter’s aquatic paradise.

Reconnect with Your Inner Explorer Explore the untouched beauty of nature, rejuvenating your spirit with every stroke of your paddle. Depending on the tide, your adventure may lead you to shallow sandbars where you can step out of your kayak and explore. Here, you’ll have the chance to discover an array of marine life, from starfish and conch to puffer fish, sea turtles, and even sea cucumbers. We recommend wearing something you don’t mind getting wet – the magic of the sea awaits!

Our journey begins at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, a true gem among the only three ONAs in the United States. Start your day with a scenic hike down to the shoreline, where you’ll meet your guide and your clear kayak. After your tour, feel free to extend your adventure with snorkeling, swimming, or exploring the nearby Jupiter Lighthouse.

Embrace Nature’s Gifts and Capture Timeless Memories Get ready for an unforgettable time filled with breathtaking views, precious memories, and, of course, those Instagram-worthy moments. Leave the photography to us, as our guides are more than happy to capture a couple of shots for you. It’s all about embracing the beauty of nature, both above and below the water, with Get Up and Go Kayaking-Jupiter!


Embark on an exclusive journey with our Private Clear Kayak Tours in Jupiter. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blue-green waterways of Jupiter, enjoying breathtaking sights along the way, all from the comfort of our exceptional clear kayaks. Experience the beauty of nature in a more personalized and intimate setting with our private tours.

  • Take a paddle through the exciting, colorful waterways of Jupiter!
  • This paddle is what any outdoor enthusiast or adventure-seeker is looking for.
  • You may see manatees and get an amazing chance to see them right under our kayaks!
  • Year-round we experience other marine life such as fish, sea turtles, conch, birds, dolphin, starfish, and more!



Collect the exclusive Jupiter sticker on the day of your tour from your guide! Collecting more location stickers can unlock some great rewards. Learn more about our loyalty program HERE!



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