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Come paddle in the beautiful waters and experience the vast wildlife of Silver Springs!

We are located in the heart of Florida at Silver Springs State Park, which lies just on the outskirts of Ocala National Forest.

This makes us easily accessible for both day trips, as well as if you are looking to make this a longer overnight stay – which we highly recommend! There is so much worth exploring in the area.

We will begin our paddle through a scenic canal which will lead into the Silver Springs headspring waters. Right off the bat you will have opportunities to see wildlife. So make sure to have those phones and cameras ready to go!

Our guides will make stops along the canal where you will be able to ask him/her for any photo-ops! Don’t be shy to ask them to take pictures for you and your group. They also pass as great photographers!

Make sure to wear something you can get wet! We hope to see you soon!


Sam Heimgartner

Meet Sam! Sam, originally from IL, is an adventure seeker at heart and passionate of all things outdoors! In her spare time you can catch her hanging at the beach either surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. She enjoys traveling to different parts of the world, so be sure to share your epic travel stories with her on your next paddle! Sam also has an eye for spotting out wildlife on tours!

Mario Simauchi

Meet Mario! Originally from Miami, FL and could be considered a nature enthusiast. He is a Rollins College Alumni, with an International Business degree in Global Brand Management and International Franchising. Growing up speaking both Spanish and English, Mario can also communicate in Mandarin, Portuguese, and French… making him multilingual! In addition to studying at Rollins, Mario also took his studies overseas and spent time studying in China. In his free time he enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Alec Waldrop

a person standing next to a body of water

Meet Alec! Alec is originally from Dunnellon, Florida and an avid huntsman! He grew up swimming and diving through Rainbow River – making him a native of the Springs! Talk to him about the open season or lasso him into the history of Rainbow’s crystalline waters and boomtown era. He’s a great marksman but even more fun of a guide!

Patrick Vnuk

Meet Patrick! Patrick lives for adventure! He has traveled most of the eastern US, as well as Peru, Panama, Columbia and a few spots in between! He enjoys exploring, learning new things, and most of all just experiencing life! Fun fact: Patrick has broken nearly 26 bones in his lifetime (wow) – but has that stopped him from living life to the fullest? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Also – he is great at taking photos for guests when out on a tour – so don’t be shy to ask him!

Trevor Bechtel

Meet Trevor! Trevor is truly a local! He grew up in the Crystal River/Citrus Springs area. He played football and did weightlifting for Crystal Springs High School. In his spare time he enjoys anything outdoors, on the water, and fishing around the area. Trevor’s future plans are to attend Santa Fe College and get his associates degree in Exercise and Sports Science – both things he is very passionate about!

Brooke O’Dowd

a man riding on the back of a boat in the water

Brooke is always on the lookout for an adventure. She has her degree in Animal Science from Sam Houston State University and plans to get her masters in Wildlife Biology. Born in New Mexico and raised in Texas, she is not a native Floridian, but don’t let that fool you because she has a vast knowledge of the ecosystem. Her favorite ways to pass time include hiking with her two dogs, fishing, photography, creating art, training horses, traveling, and exploring the great outdoors.


a man smiling for the camera

Meet Alex! Alex is a Silver Springs, FL native who spent his recent years just south of the Arctic Circle in rural Finland! Awarded a bachelor’s degree in Sport & Leisure Management from KAMK – Alex has been educated on tour guiding practices in the warmth of the Arctic. Little did he know that his tourism studies would prove useful in his cool Florida backyard as well! Alex is a basketball coach and has helped develop the game with folks from over 20 countries! In between showing you his native waters – Alex travels between Lithuania and Croatia each semester to fulfill his master’s studies in Basketball Coaching & Management.


a small boat in a body of water

From: Dunnellon, Florida
Hobbies: Kayaking, Fishing and Gardening
Fun fact: I have two kids and I love the ocean


a person riding on the back of a boat in the water

From: Florida
Hobbies: Playing guitar, rock climbing, and scuba diving.
Fun fact: When you smile at someone, your brain actually releases chemicals which evoke happiness!


a person riding a surf board

From: The White Mountains of NH but have lived in Ocala since I was around 10
Hobbies: Skateboarding and traveling
Fun fact: Mom of a 5 year old boy, lover of all things nature


a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

From: Flowery Branch Georgia, but moved to Florida in 2014
Hobbies: Going snowboarding, golfing, and being one with the outdoors.
Fun fact: I can build a computer and I broke both my wrists at the same time in middle school falling off a retaining wall.


a man wearing a blue hat in front of a body of water

From: Southbridge, Massachusetts
Hobbies: Automotive repair, gardening and everything to do with nature
Fun fact: I am currently working with my family to start a small farm!


Testimonial Kayak Icon
So Worth It

Such an amazing experience! So relaxing to get out of the “busy vacation rush” and go on this trip. It 100% exceeded my expectations. The water was absolutely gorgeous and we saw a lot of wild life! At least 15 monkeys, tons of turtles and fish. The guide was so kind and knowledgeable. The tours are small so you don’t feel crammed together or in anyone’s space. It’s very affordable and I felt like I was in a tropical country with silver sands and blue waters- so it’s so worth it.

– Addison Y. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Truly Magical

Sam was our tour guide and he was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He made our tour fun and interesting. We went on the morning tour and it was the best time to go. There was only one other kayaker with us and the setting was peaceful and serene. We saw many animals including monkeys, alligators, turtles, and many different species of birds!! The tour was very relaxing and tranquil. We really enjoyed it! I definitely would recommend the early morning tour!

– B. Janie | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
A Must-Do

I highly recommend this tour if you are interested in Wildlife and want to take a few hours relaxing on the water. Our tour guide he was amazing- such a lovely chilled out guy, very friendly, obviously loved his job and was very knowledgeable. He took a large group out in the clear kayaks we felt safe the whole time. The ride was not strenuous and the equipment was very easy to use. I would most definitely do this again the next time I am in Florida!

– Happy F. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
The Best

When everyone passing you in canoes, kayaks, and on paddle boats says "oh man, a clear kayak, that would be the way to do this", you know you're doing it right! Silver Springs is absolutely beautiful and having a clear kayak allows you to take it all in. The team at Get Up And Go Kayaking is professional, timely, and patient. Our guide shared the history of the area, did an excellent job of pointing out the wildlife. We would definitely recommend Get Up And Go Kayaking!

– Hinton T. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Loved It

This was so beautiful & relaxing! We saw gators, lots of turtles and various birds and we learned a lot about the wildlife. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the springs. I would definitely recommend this activity for both local Floridians and for visitors. If you love the outdoors, you'll enjoy this. We had never kayaked this river before. but now this is something we'll plan to do whenever we have out-of-town visitors! Highly recommend to anyone!

– Delan O. | Tripadvisor


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