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Guided Clear Kayak Tours in the St. Augustine Area

↠ Explore Historic St. Augustine by Clear Kayak ↞




Take an adventure through Historic Coastline of St. Augustine in a completely clear kayak

‘Adventure Meets History’ Tour at Vilano Boat Ramp: Embark on a captivating journey through time and nature aboard our unique 100% clear kayaks, offering unparalleled views of the vibrant marine life beneath the waters of the Mantanzas River. Set off from the picturesque Vilano Boat Ramp and paddle past iconic landmarks such as the legendary Fountain of Youth, just as explorer Juan Ponce de León beheld it centuries ago. Capture stunning photos in front of the Mission Cross, a symbol of the city’s enduring heritage. Navigate past the lush mangroves lining the banks of the waterway, providing a serene backdrop for your adventure. Pause for a well-deserved break on a secluded island beach, offering panoramic views of the historic Castillo de San Marcos, the iconic Bridge of Lions, and the breathtaking St. Augustine Inlet. This inlet served as the doorway to St. Augustine, used by Spanish conquistadors, pirates, and many other seafarers throughout history.


Sunset & Glow Tour at St. Augustine Lighthouse: Experience the magic of Get Up and Go Kayaking’s ultimate St. Augustine’s Sunset and Glow Tour. Explore the serene waters of the Salt Run estuary near Anastasia State Park, just minutes from Historic Downtown.

With the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse as your backdrop, you will paddle through the same waters once traversed by Spanish Conquistadors, pirates and explorers. This 90-minute tour is perfect for a date night, family outing, or corporate function. Salt Run is home for dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, and a variety of bird species including Least Terns, Cormorants and American Bald Eagles. Soak in the sunset against the backdrop of the iconic Lighthouse. As darkness falls, ignite the night with your own personalized LED light show, creating magical memories on the water. Don’t miss this must-do experience while in St. Augustine!

↠ St. Augustine  ↞

Discover St. Augustine, Florida: A Treasure of the Sunshine State!
Welcome to where history and charm flow as abundantly as the waters around it. As the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine offers more than just a peek into the nation’s past—it invites you to explore a vibrant cultural history that continues to thrive today.

Cultural History:
Step back in time with a visit to the historic Castillo de San Marcos or the quaint streets of the Colonial Quarter. Each corner of St. Augustine is steeped in tales waiting to be told, from the Fountain of Youth to the storied walls of the old city.

Breathtaking Scenery:
From the tranquil waters of the Matanzas River to the picturesque beaches along the Atlantic coast, St. Augustine’s natural beauty is sure to captivate. Whether you’re watching a sunset from Vilano Beach or exploring the lush trails of Anastasia State Park, the scenic vistas here promise unforgettable moments.

Vibrant Local Culture
Experience the liveliness of St. Augustine with its exciting markets, art galleries, and festivals. Savor local flavors at sea-to-table restaurants, enjoy live music echoing through the streets, and discover artisan crafts in the charming shops that line the downtown area.

Endless Adventures:
Whether you’re kayaking through clear waters, taking a ghost tour, or simply meandering through vibrant streets, St. Augustine is a hub for adventurers and culture seekers alike.

Join us in St. Augustine and immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and excitement that make this city a true gem of Florida. Adventure awaits—come and see for yourself!

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We pride ourselves on giving a top rated experience. Our brand has over 30,000 five-star reviews that prove our guides strive for excellence and personalized experiences!


We’re passionate about the outdoors and conservation! We believe in being good stewards of the environment, which is why we donate a portion of each booking to local causes and conservation efforts.


Our max group size is 10 paddlers – the perfect size to hear our guides and enjoy conversations along the way. (Larger private parties may be available upon request)

Open Book

Soak up the sights – and some knowledge! Learn unique facts along the paddle about the local coastal waterways, wildlife, and more from our awesome local guides!


Don’t let a normal kayak hinder your view! Our clear kayaks are the absolute best way to view the surroundings, and there are plenty of opportunities to snag some Reels or videos for TikTok!

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Adventure in a clear kayak along the historical coastline of St. Augustine. Enjoy unique views of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, Fountain of Youth, Mission Cross, Castillo de San Marcos, Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine Inlet, and so much more!



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