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Shell Key Preserve Glow Clear Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Prices starting at:
Adult Ages 18+
Teen Ages 12-17

Kayak at night on a glow tour and illuminate the water below.

Enjoy a unique nighttime tour while your color-changing, waterproof LED lights illuminate the waters below your 100% clear kayak.

Explore the waters of Shell Key Preserve while looking for wildlife, taking in the stars, and lighting up the water beneath you. Your 5-star rated eco-tour guide will lead the way on a true adventure through Shell Key Preserve.  As you paddle through shallower areas, the lights in your kayak will illuminate the seagrass and sandy bottom of the preserve, and your clear kayak will be a window into the water below! Plan on wearing long sleeves and/or long pants, with bug spray underneath your clothing to deter mosquitos.

a man sitting at a table in a dark room

Enjoy a picturesque sunset before darkness falls on a Sunset & Glow tour.

Watch the sunset over Shell Key. As dusk falls, you’ll turn on your kayak’s lights to illuminate the water below.

Paddle into Shell Key Preserve and take in the sunset as it sets over the beautiful mangroves and the Gulf of Mexico. As night falls, your LED lights will illuminate more of the water around you, the stars will come out, and the experience will be transformed into a nighttime adventure. Fish become quite active at dusk and start jumping out of the water.

Adventure into the darkness on a Glow Tour.

Light up the water below your 100% clear kayak as you paddle at night.

Take in the sounds of the preserve while checking out the water below your clear kayak. You’ll hear fish jumping around you, see some sea grass below, and feel the relaxing ocean air while paddling through the preserve. Your tour guide will lead the way to the hidden mangrove tunnel entrance. As you paddle into the tunnel, experience the ambiance created by the soft color of the LED glow lights on the incredible overhead formation of the mangroves. You’ll never forget this incredible nighttime adventure.

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