Crystal River/Three Sisters

COVID-19 OPERATIONS ALERT: Tours are REOPEN on April 27th!

Take a 100% clear kayak tour through the active waterways of Crystal River! Manatees make Crystal River their sanctuary during the colder months in Florida while a few stick around all year to enjoy the refreshing springs. Our 3 different tour options each give a unique perspective on this incredibly popular location!


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Take a clear kayak paddle through the serene, crystal clear waters of Crystal River into Hunter Springs, Jurassic Springs, and Three Sisters Spring! 

We offer a Manatee Tour option from November – March which is the highest chance to see manatees and a Springs Tour from April – October which is the time when Three Sisters Springs is open to kayak traffic.
The Springs Tour does still come with a chance at seeing manatee it is just a bit lower due to water temperatures. 
We also offer the ONLY Crystal River glow-in-the-dark tour! This unique tour is done with LED lights at night time in search for manatee, fish, turtles, and more!

This paddle is sure to excite any outdoor enthusiast or adventure-seeker alike.

We offer guided manatee tours and get an amazing chance to see them right under our kayaks!
The best time to see manatee is generally from November-March!
Year-round we experience other wildlife such as dolphins, fish, turtles, birds, and more!

This 2-2.5 hour guided adventure includes a relaxed paddle through
Kings Bay to Hunter Springs, Jurassic Springs, and Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River.

Check off another great paddle by adventuring to Crystal River!

We launch at Kings Bay Park located at: 268 NW 3rd St, Crystal River, FL 34428

*Reservations required*

Tours start at $50/person


We have officially launched our new Crystal River GLOW Tours! The fact that this tour happens at night makes it unique in and of itself, but when you add LED lights… you are in for an experience you will never foget! We paddle through the crystal clear waters of Hunter Springs and Jurrasic Springs where manatees often graze, and are in the middle of an ecosystem of different types of fish, crabs, turtles, and much more!

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We encourage you to bring the following:

  • Water
  • Swimsuit/Clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet.
    • We may have the opportunity to get out and swim in the refreshing spring waters so wearing a bathing suit is advisable! 
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/hat
    • Please apply prior to entering the boat and allow it to dry as best as possible.
  • Shoes that can get wet/sandals (we do not allow these to be worn in the boat as they may scratch the kayaks). We will bring these in the back of your kayak with you in case you’d like to wear them while walking on the sandy bottom. 
  • Towel for after the trip.
  • Change of clothes for after the trip.
  • Ziplock bag to store any items you wish to take on the boat. We will also have dry bags available but this is just an extra precaution to keep your items from getting wet. 
  • Any extra gear you’d like. Remember- the less gear, the more visibility through the kayak.
  • Our guides do their absolute best to see some nature, wildlife/marine life while teaching our guests about the surrounding area.
  • Every tour is given on one of our 100% clear kayaks.
  • Our fleet is small (5 kayaks) so expect an exclusive experience (no more than 10 people at a time). Larger parties may be available by request.
  • Private tours are available per request (starting cost is $400).
  • Our guides are always helpful and entertaining (and they love tips).
  • Be prepared to have fun.

During November – March is the highest chance at seeing manatee! The manatee love coming into the Crystal River area while the gulf waters cool down! We typically see manatee 7 days a week during these months. April – October is considered ‘off season’ for manatee but we do have resident manatee that hang around year round and we see them about 4-5 days a week! We cannot guarantee manatee sightings but our guides know where they love to hang out and will make sure to do their most to make it happen! We CANNOT swim with manatee, but our clear kayaks give guests a great view of the gentle giants! 

You will have a full detailed confirmation email once you make a reservation to where you’ll meet our guides. If you’re at the park, just walk down towards the boat ramp/docks and you will find our guide! 

Children are allowed but required by law at age 7 or under to wear life jackets at all times on the water. The ability of your child to sit in a kayak for the duration of our tour is completely up to the parent. We do require children that are 50 pounds or under to bring their own life jacket as the size is very specific and safety is of utmost important. 

Our tours are made for any skill levels to participate, we will have basic tips and tricks to help you maneuver the waterways. Some paddling may be considered intermediate based on wind and water conditions but we try our best to paddle at a pace that is convenient for every paddler! We do require all guests to stay with the group. 

This is completely up to you. If you feel as though the experience executed by the guide is worthy of a tip, please do! Tips are greatly appreciated. We like to say, “If you enjoyed your ride, tip your guide”! 

Our weight limit is no more than 250 pounds per person and no more than 425 pounds per 2 people that are in the same kayak.  All of our kayaks are double kayaks. Please let us know while making your booking if this may be an issue.

Since all of our kayaks are tandem we would ask that you paddle with your partner. However, if you have an odd amount of guests in your party, the odd person out will have the opportunity to take a kayak by him/herself. 

You bet! During April – October we will get out at Three Sisters Springs where you can get out to enjoy the waters and swim around! During November – March we typically stay in the kayaks but may have small stopping points where you can get out along the shoreline. 

We only cancel a tour if there is unsafe weather conditions. Typically if winds are greater than 15 mph we will cancel the tour for safety reason and you will be refunded in full or allowed to reschedule for no additional costs. If conditions are safe and it is only some rain we will continue the paddle as schedule. We will not paddle if there is lightning in the area. Get Up And Go Kayaking will make the decision on cancelling. Often times this may be a last minute decision but we try our best to give guests as much time as possible prior to the trip if it will need to be cancelled or rescheduled. 

You are definitely allowed to bring snacks, but we recommend only small items as there will not be a whole lot of extra time to stop and eat. We also REQUIRE guests to clean up any garbage that may be left behind due to snacking.

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Our Team

Austin Adkins


Austin is a previous guide for our main Get Up And Go Kayaking locations but has since started his own location in Crystal River. Austin is an avid golfer and drummer! He’s also getting married in June. Austin is a blast to have as a guide and is very patient! He also collects koozies and is deathly afraid of spiders so please ask him to remove one if you ever get one in your kayak! Austin has a Bachelors in Business Management from Daytona State College.


Tour Guide

Also known as T-Pang! Tyler has aadventure running through his blood! He recently hiked the Appalachian Trail (make sure to ask him about it) and came back to Florida to spend his time on the water. If you knew him at all you’d know how intentional and welcoming he is to everyone he meets. If you have a tour with Tyler, you will not regret it!


Tour Guide

Quentin is all about living every day to the fullest! After finishing school, he joined the Army and serves as a Field Artillery Forward Observer. He loves to hike, kayak, and canoe with his dog. Fun fact: if you wanted to plan an adventure-trip, he can plan it in less than an hour! You can’t go wrong with Quentin as your guide!