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  • Available: April - October

Crystal River Three Sisters Springs Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 15+
Child Ages 3 - 15

Explore the Springs of Crystal River by Kayak!

Crystal River is a great trip for those looking for clear water in our crystal clear kayaks with high chances of wildlife! This 2 to 2.5-hour guided adventure includes a beginner/intermediate paddle through Kings Bay to the pristine water of Three Sisters Springs, a first-magnitude spring that is a steady 72 degrees year-round.

Depending on safety, there are areas where participants can take a quick swim in the springs if they choose. Crystal River is known for its natural springs and large amounts of manatee during the colder months, but some stay year-round! Be on the lookout for manatee, dolphin, and many different species of birds, plants, turtles, fish, and more! We only bring out group sizes of up to 10 paddlers, so be ready for an awesome, personalized experience with our friendly guides!