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Miami Clear Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Adult Adult 18+
Child Ages 3-17

Adventure through down the Oleta River in your 100% clear kayak!

See crystal-clear water, diverse marine life, and the underwater world below your clear kayak.

You’ll paddle through mangroves, fisheries, and the beautiful Oleta river. While paddling, remember to look through your clear kayak to see the underwater world below! East Greynolds Park is in North Miami Beach and is nestled on the side of the Oleta State Park.

Look for incredible wildlife while you take in the scenery!

a large green tree in a forest

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, manatees, pelicans, crabs, and more while enjoying the preserve’s picturesque mangroves and beaches.

Be on the lookout for a manatee or the beautiful Great White Egret in the summer months. Throughout the year, dolphins frolic in the waters and cormorants love to swim alongside your kayak. Chances are that you’ll see a variety of wildlife, but sightings are random and not guaranteed.

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Miami Clear Kayaking FAQ's