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Embark on a relaxing day time tour through Rainbow River. During your adventure you’ll enjoy an intermediate paddle upstream, where you’ll have the opportunity to get out, swim and explore the beautiful nature along the river banks. Uncover the hidden beauty of a Rainbow Springs canal, a popular favorite spot on the river.

↠ Private Rainbow Springs Tour ↞

From: $600

Take a fully private tour at Rainbow Springs with one of our amazing tour guides!

  • Fully private experience.
  • Paddle at your groups speed.
  • Flexibility on time spent at certain stops along the river.
  • Photo opportunities! This tour is catered to YOU and gives you the opportunity to take advantage of your time and the ability for your tour guides to take some awesome photos for you during your paddle with us!
a man swimming in the water


Immerse yourself in the beautiful waters of Rainbow Springs! There is no better way to explore Rainbow Springs than in a clear kayak. We are located in Dunnellon, Florida making this an easy day trip from any major surrounding city including Tampa, Gainesville, Jacksonville and Orlando.

This is a great experience for those looking for crystal clear water, surrounded by beautiful views and plenty of wildlife! This adventure includes an intermediate paddle that will lead you upstream through Rainbow River. Along the way we will make several stops where you will have a chance to get out of your kayak for a quick swim and nature walk. The Rainbow Springs canal is one of our favorite spots on the river! Keep in mind during the busy months we will try our best to ensure every guest has a chance to see this hidden spot.

The second half of the tour is a nice relaxing float back down river to our original starting point at KP Hole.

Year round you will have the chance to see over 14 different type of birds, fish, turtles, otters, alligators, and more! Recently, we have even started seeing several bald eagles making Rainbow Springs their home.

Don’t be afraid to ask your guides any questions along the way! They will be sharing several fun facts about all of the wildlife we see here, and historic facts of Rainbow River which makes this a truly unique place to visit in Florida!

Ready for an unforgettable outdoor adventure? Come paddle with us! Book your Rainbow Springs, Florida clear kayak tour online today






a person wearing a blue hat


Meet Heidi, a true New Hampshire native with a heart dedicated to environmental causes. Her love extends to all wildlife and waters, and she finds joy in sharing special moments with her grandson.


a man holding a frisbee in a body of water


Bry, a nature enthusiast, finds joy in river floats, conservation efforts, and pursuing a forestry degree. Beyond nature, she expresses her creativity through painting and changing her hair color weekly.


a man standing next to a body of water


Sam, a Florida native, craves adventure and explores far and wide. Committed to conservation, he inspires others to connect with nature. Fun fact: Sam traveled the US in a 22-year-old van, chasing National Parks.


Sara finds every opportunity to submerge herself in nature, whether it’s exploring local springs, swimming in the ocean, or attending music festivals.


a person riding a surf board

Meet Lauren! She’s a nature enthusiast and adventurer who has a profound connection with the natural world. Growing up exploring the mountains of New Hampshire and the diverse landscapes of Florida, she has developed a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty. When not immersed in her work with nature, you can find Lauren exploring the outdoors with her son, embracing the beaches, springs, and trails of Florida. Her genuine passion for nature shines through in her role as she joyfully shares her knowledge and love for the environment with guests on the water.

Mario Simauchi

a man riding on the back of a boat

Meet Mario! Originally from Miami, FL and could be considered a nature enthusiast. He is a Rollins College Alumni, with an International Business degree in Global Brand Management and International Franchising. Growing up speaking both Spanish and English, Mario can also communicate in Mandarin, Portuguese, and French… making him multilingual! In addition to studying at Rollins, Mario also took his studies overseas and spent time studying in China. In his free time he enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Sam Heimgartner

Meet Sam! Sam, originally from IL, is an adventure seeker at heart and passionate of all things outdoors! In her spare time you can catch her hanging at the beach either surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. She enjoys traveling to different parts of the world, so be sure to share your epic travel stories with her on your next paddle! Sam also has an eye for spotting out wildlife on tours!


Testimonial Kayak Icon
Vacation Highlight

Glad we booked this for our spring break vacation. Very beautiful and peaceful and educational all at the same time. Loved how we got to step out and swim for a bit. Our tour guide was amazing and very patient with our group. Really pointed out a lot of interesting things along the way.

– Yolanda D. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Loved It

This turned out to be a better experience then we had expected! Our guide was knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. The river was beautiful and the wildlife was nice to see. We were able to walk up a small stream and swim in the fresh spring water. Make sure you have a change of clothes once you get back to shore!

– Ethan G. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
Great Adventure

Loved this! There is so much beauty to see, it is hard to know where to look. Up, and even down, and yes, I said down, since you can see through your kayak, there is always beauty to behold. Our tour guide was great too. I highly recommend taking this tour so you may witness the stunning beauty of this river and the wildlife up close.

– Lydia L. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon

What a beautiful experience! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed. We were in awe of our surroundings and the very active wildlife under and around our kayaks! Our guide and was very welcoming, sweet, and knowledgeable. We would do it again and again! I'd highly recommend this kayak tour to anybody in the area interested in an outdoor adventure!

– Claire N. | Tripadvisor
Testimonial Kayak Icon
A Must Do!

We did this on our girl's trip to Florida and it was absolutely wonderful! Our guide was friendly and super knowledgeable about the area and the local wildlife. Our favorite part was getting out of the boat and walking along the shallow path with the sand. The clear boat made the experience absolutely top-notch! This activity is a must do!

– Lori S. | Tripadvisor




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