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Guided Clear Kayak Tours

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Take an adventure through Shell Key Preserve or Tarpon Springs in a completely clear kayak in the Tampa Bay area! 

At Shell Key Preserve, you’ll paddle along mangroves, enjoy white sand beaches and sandbars, and search for incredible wildlife. Depending on the time of year, we see a variety of wildlife. In the summer months, keep your eyes peeled for a manatee or the beautiful pink Roseate Spoonbills. During the winter months, White Pelicans call the sandbars of Shell Key Preserve their home! Throughout the year, dolphins frolic in the crystal-clear waters of the preserve, and cormorants love to paddle alongside our tours. Even though we love showing our guests the wildlife within the preserve. Sightings are random and not guaranteed. Our Shell Key Preserve Clear Kayaks Tours take place in Tierra Verde, FL, right near St Pete Beach.

We also offer an evening Glow Tour of Shell Key Preserve. Our glow tours a unique nighttime adventure where you paddle through the preserve while our color-changing, waterproof LED lights illuminate the waters below your clear kayak.

At Tarpon Springs, you’ll paddle your clear kayak through the historic bayous while searching for manatees. This tour is offered seasonally during the winter months. The tour starts at the Tarpon Springs Yacht Club and winds through the bayous, near Victorian-style mansions, passing by the picturesque Craig Park. You’ll then paddle into Spring Bayou, a warm water area with frequent manatee sightings! Keep your eyes peeled for manatees as they surface for air while you float alongside! You’ll also see the historic “Golden Crescent” while in the Spring Bayou Area. Along the way, your guide will keep an eye out for other wildlife including dolphins and a variety of birds. You’ll also hear about Greek Culture and the famous Sponge Docks!



Collect the exclusive Shell Key Preserve sticker on the day of your tour from your guide! Collecting more location stickers can unlock some great rewards. Learn more about our loyalty program HERE!



Collect the exclusive Tarpon Springs sticker on the day of your tour from your guide! Collecting more location stickers can unlock some great rewards. Learn more about our loyalty program HERE!



a person wearing a hat and a body of water

Jenna holds her degrees in environmental science and business marketing! She holds certifications in boater safety, high ropers, and belaying! She has experience working with Florida Fish and Wildlife educating others about the environment! Her favorite thing about giving kayak tours is seeing people get out of their comfort zones and thrive in the open water! She loves the reactions people have when she teaches them something about the plants and animals around them (especially when cormorants follow our boats)! A fun fact about Jenna: she loves backpacking and has completed 1,000 miles of the Appalachian trail thus far.


Thomas Aastad wearing a hat and smiling at the camera

Chris holds his degree in graphic design and began studying environmental science as well! He is a south Florida native who is absolutely in love with this tropical paradise he calls home. He loves that Shell Key Preserve is an ever-changing educational platform for both himself and our guests. He is naturally inquisitive, awed, surprised, and inspired by what he encounters on his tours. He truly enjoys seeing the excitement, smiles, and laughter his guests experience when they are introduced to the amazing environmental aspects and habitats of the area! Fun fact about Chris: he is a certified yoga instructor and avid runner!


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Alessia’s passion for the environment took hold in her environmental science high school magnet program (JERFSA)! She now holds her degree in Biology from Florida Gulf Coast University! She has a love for traveling and has done study abroad research in Ecuador, San Salvador Bahamas, and Ghana. After two years of guiding on Captiva Island, she has continued her passion here on Shell Key to share the wonders of these ecosystems with tourists and especially locals! Her favorite part of giving tours is getting to take people past the surface level of what catches their eye and show them how vibrant even a “quiet” day can be! Fun fact about Alessia is that she is a shell fanatic!


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Raven is currently studying environmental studies at the University of Tampa! She has experience conducting research on endangered species in the Bahamas! Her favorite thing about giving kayak tours is that each is unique, and she is always finding different wildlife each trip! A fun fact about Raven: she is an avid birder!


a man standing next to a body of water

Charlie holds his degree in Environmental Studies and Economics with a minor in Coastal Management! He also has multiple years’ experience researching and paddling the waterways of Tampa Bay! His favorite things about giving kayak tours is allowing people the opportunity to safely interact with wildlife and continuing to learn about the environment. A fun fact about Charlie is that he loves to scuba and free dive!


Grace graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in Marine Science. She is passionate about public outreach and marine conservation. Her favorite thing about giving kayak tours is being able to spend her days immersed in nature educating guests on the unique ecosystems within Shell Key Preserve. Fun fact: she has swam with many different species of sharks including bull sharks, great hammerheads, black tip reef sharks, and Caribbean reef sharks.


a man holding a fish in the water

Ben holds his degree in Biology! He has experience as an environmental educator and reptilian caretaker with Gatorland! He is also scuba certified! His favorite thing about giving kayak tours is seeing guests get excited about the wildlife they see! A fun fact about Ben is that he has been an avid skier since the age of 5!


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Jada is currently studying Marine Biology at University of South Florida! She is passionate about scuba diving and hopes to make it to Australia to contribute to research for conservation of the GBR and coral reefs globally! Her favorite thing about giving kayak tours is seeing people interact with wildlife and sharing the excitement with them when they spot something! A fun fact about Jada is that she is originally from West Virginia and loves to snow board!


a person standing next to a body of water

Tatiana has her degree in Environmental Studies! She has experience as a sea turtle biologist in Costa Rica and has also led kayaking tours in Captiva, Florida! Her favorite thing about giving kayak tours is being able to show people what a vibrant and biodiverse coast Shell Key Preserve is. She loves showing guests how curious one can be about the natural world and being an example to forever keep learning and asking questions! A fun fact about Tatiana is that she is a born and raised Floridian, but has, as an adult, lived in Hawaii, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Thailand too!


a man wearing a hat

Bria has her degree is Molecular Biology! She has experience as a park ranger and working along the Florida and Costa Rican waterfronts! She is also a kiteboarding instructor! Her favorite thing about giving kayak tours is being able to work outside and interacting with all the nature and wildlife that lives in Shell Key Preserve! She also loves being able to educate guests on all the things they encounter and see up close! A fun fact about Bria is that she loves to sew! She loves making bikinis, bags, and a lot of other clothes!


Testimonial Kayak Icon

Jenna was an amazing tour guide. She paced the trip perfectly, keeping all of her guests close by - accurately assessing our paddling experience, and keeping us all interested in the ecosystems of the area! We got a beautiful evening and trip AND great insight into what goes into sustainability and why. It was clear that Jenna is an expert in the topic and she was great at sharing what she knows.We hope to go on this tour again, I know we'll see something new & different each time!

– Regina M. | Tripadvisor
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Loved It

Richard was a great tour guide for our kayak ride. He made the ride very trustworthy and fun, I even took off my life jacket as he made me feel very confident about the ride. The sunset experience was the best part of this kayaking ride - breathtaking indeed.

– Karina S. | Tripadvisor
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Great Adventure

While visiting from the Chicago area, my daughter, her boyfriend and I had an awesome kayaking experience with Raven. The weather was perfect and the water was calm. Raven always showed us as much as she could and knew a lot about the marine life and the history of the surrounding islands and waterways. Raven has a great sense of humor and is polite and super positive. It was a wonderful experience during our Spring break! Thanks!!!

– Jen G. | Tripadvisor
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We took the 430 p.m. tour and our guide was Raven. She was fantastic! Great customer service skills, friendly and knowledgeable about the area. I loved all the details she gave us about the wildlife and the mangroves importance to the area. I highly recommend this tour!

– SS. | Tripadvisor
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A Must Do!

I had a great kayaking tour with our guide Alessia. She made the trip interesting because she found many sea creatures and shared her knowledge about each of them. And just as the trip was ending the highlight of our tour were the dolphin and her baby swimming around our kayaks.

– Lori S. | Tripadvisor


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