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The Florida Keys - Sugarloaf Key Clear Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Adult Ages 17+
Child Ages 4 - 16
Toddler Ages 3 & Under

Ever dreamed of a quick escape from the hustle of Key West or the scenic Marathon? Just 25 minutes from Key West and a breezy 40 minutes from Marathon lies Sugarloaf Key, a hidden piece of paradise tucked within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. This tropical gem is bursting with marine wonders, just waiting to be explored, and guess what? Our clear kayaking tour is your golden ticket!

Right when you get here, our friendly guide will give you a quick heads-up on paddling basics and how to stay safe while you’re out on the water. Then, it’s time to hop into your tandem clear kayak and kickstart an unforgettable 2 to 2.5-hour adventure.

You’ll smoothly cruise over lush seagrass, sneak through secret mangrove tunnels, circle around cute little mangrove islands, and glide over sandy oases. And trust us, our guide isn’t just there to lead the way. They’ll point out cool wildlife, share fun facts and stories about this unique place, and snap some killer photos for you.

Don’t forget to peek through your kayak’s see-through bottom! It’s like having a window into a whole new world. Starfish, quirky fish, mysterious nurse sharks, sun-loving iguanas, and elegant egrets might just pop in to say hi. Nature’s a bit unpredictable, so every tour offers its own set of delightful surprises.