Take in these amazing views in a 100% clear kayak with one of our three unique ecotour experiences! Our slice of coast is an oasis for so much aquatic life from freshwater and saltwater fish, turtles- even green sea turtles, birds, manatees, dolphins, horseshoe crabs, sting rays and even the occasional otter! Come experience all Florida’s Adventure Coast has to offer!


Common Wildlife

Kayak through a quiet estuary before paddling the beautiful spring fed aquamarine waters of the Weeki Wachee RiverA first magnitude spring run that flows 7 miles from its start to where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Please note that we do not exit our kayaks on the Weeki Wachee River tour in effort to prevent erosion and to keep this river beautiful for generations to come! 

Need some more salt, sand and Vitamin Sea? Explore the estuary where the Weeki Wachee River meets the Gulf of Mexico on our Lower Weeki Wachee River ecotours! We’re headed to a quiet sandbar we often have to ourselves! Walk along the shore or take a dip and snorkel the sparkling sand flats! 

Sunset and glow with us during the quietest portion of the day! Our wildlife is often most active at dusk. Rumor has it you sometimes even see a green flash right as the sun dips below the horizon when we turn the lights and glow all the way back!

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Get In Touch

(352) 234-4568

available from 8:00am – 5:00pm

Launch Address8092 Marys Fish Camp Rd, Weeki Wachee, FL 34607

Email weekiwachee@getupandgokayaking.com


We encourage you to bring the following:

  •  Water in a reusable bottle (plastic not permitted).
  • Polarized sunglasses for best wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Deet free bug spray
  • Swimsuit/Clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet. 
    • The paddles will drip a little bit of water into the boat so a change of clothes may be necessary afterwards.
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/hat
    • Please apply prior to entering the boat and allow it to dry as best as possible.
  • We do not allow shoes in the kayaks as sand from the bottom of them may scratch the kayaks.
  • Towel for after the trip.
  • Change of clothes for after the trip.
  • Ziplock bag to store any items you wish to take on the boat. We will also have dry bags available but this is just an extra precaution to keep your items from getting wet. 
  • Any extra gear you’d like. Remember- the less gear, the more visibility through the kayak.

DISPOSABLE CONTAINERS (Cans, plastic, glass, plastic foam or paper)
OIL BASED LIQUIDS (Sunscreen, Lotion etc.)

  • Expect to see some nature, wildlife/marine life and learn about the surrounding area.
  • Every tour is given on one of our 100% clear kayaks.
  • Our fleet is small (5 kayaks) so expect an exclusive experience (no more than 10 people at a time).
  • Private tours are available per request (starting cost is $400).
  • Our guides are always helpful and entertaining (and they love tips).
  • Be prepared to have fun.

Children are allowed but required by law at age 7 or under to wear life jackets at all times on the water. The ability of your child to sit in a kayak for the duration of our tour is completely up to the parent. We do require children that are 50 pounds or under to bring their own life jacket as the size is very specific and safety is of utmost important. 

Our tours are made for any skill levels to participate, we will have basic tips and tricks to help you maneuver the waterways. Some paddling may be considered intermediate based on wind and water conditions but we try our best to paddle at a pace that is convenient for every paddler! We do require all guests to stay with the group. 

This is completely up to you. If you feel as though the experience executed by the guide is worthy of a tip, please do! Tips are greatly appreciated. We like to say, “If you enjoyed your ride, tip your guide”! 

Our weight limit is no more than 250 pounds per person and no more than 425 pounds per 2 people that are in the same kayak.  All of our kayaks are double kayaks. Please let us know while making your booking if this may be an issue.

Since all of our kayaks are tandem we would ask that you paddle with your partner. However, if you have an odd amount of guests in your party, the odd person out will have the opportunity to take a kayak by him/herself. 

You bet! We will take breaks along the way, however, all tours are no-exit which means we will stay in our kayaks to help preserve the natural habitat. 

We only cancel a tour if there is unsafe weather conditions. If the tour is cancelled for safety reasons (bad weather) you will be refunded in full or allowed to reschedule for no additional costs. If conditions are safe and it is only some rain we will continue the paddle as scheduled. We will not paddle if there is lightning in the area. Get Up And Go Kayaking will make the decision on cancelling. Often times this may be a last minute decision but we try our best to give guests as much time as possible prior to the trip if it will need to be cancelled or rescheduled. 

As of now we are not able to allow dogs on our tours but we hope to change this in the future so please feel free to inquire about it.

Just hand them over your phone or camera for them to grab a few shots for you!

While wildlife can’t be guaranteed, we have seen some form of wildlife on every tour. We typically do not see gators. When we have seen one they prefer their space and stay up on the shore sunbathing.




An avid outdoors woman, adventurer and conservationist; Taylor loves all the birds, wildlife and lush vegetation that Weeki Wachee has to offer (but manatees are her favorite)! A former educator and teacher Taylor loves sharing the local ecology, flora and fauna of Florida. She is proud to be a Florida Master Naturalist. She has achieved her Land Stewardship designation through the program, and will become an Advanced Master Naturalist in September. Taylor is passionate about infusing her tours with her love of nature and draws on her background as an educator frequently. She holds certifications through the American Canoe Association (ACA), PaddleFit and CPR with the American Heart Association. 



Danny’s love of all things water began at a young age. Growing up in Miami he spent every spare moment on the beach. He went from running into waves as they rolled on the beach as a kid to riding them as an amateur skim boarder, surfer and paddler of all water crafts. Danny’s father, a former competitive paddler for the Cuban National Team introduced him to the sport of kayaking at a young age.  His parents nurtured and encouraged his love of all things outdoors. An avid nature lover, adventurer and explorer, his passion for the environment and conservation drives him to introduce more people to the joy of these experiences through kayaking! Danny is proud to be a Florida Master Naturalist. 

Alexis Masnjak| B.S, M.S


Alexis is pursuing a Master of Science in Conservation Biology and has a BS in Ecology and Evolution. As a volunteer for Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWC) assisting on sea turtle conservation Alexis fell in love with the water. Alexis loves to share her knowledge of Florida’s natural ecosystems and wildlife with specialized training in flora and fauna. 

Alexis indulges in kayaking adventures as a way to leave the lab and extend her hands-on learning.   As a passionate guide, and student of science working to save our eco systems she enjoys sharing her knowledge of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, estuaries, and river systems with people of all ages. It is her desire to inspire others to want to protect all of Florida’s natural resources through experiences and education. Follow her outdoor adventures @masnjar on IG.

Lisa Cox


Meet Lisa! Lisa is a certified PaddleFit coach. Lisa has always selected physical exercise/activities that include being out in nature. From roller skating and bicycling the I & M Canal in Illinois, to skating, caving, and hiking in Southern Missouri, Lisa is always seeking adventure! Lisa moved to Florida in 2012, and on recommendation rented a canoe to explore the Weeki Wachee River. That was the start of a new water adventure to include regular paddling of the local waters. Within a year, she purchased her first paddle board and since then has participated in community clean up events, races, yoga classes, eco-tours and recently became a certified paddle board coach!