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Weeki Wachee - Manatee Season Clear Kayak Tour

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Adult Ages 18+
Child Ages 17 & Under

Experience Manatee Season on the Weeki Wachee River!

Glide over the crystal-clear waters of this natural Florida spring where the manatees and mermaids swim, see diverse marine life and the underwater world below your clear kayak!

These large aquatic mammals call the Weeki Wachee River home all year long, but during cooler months more manatees use the Weeki Wachee as their warm water winter habitat (November 14-March 31st).

As you kayak away from our launch, Mary’s Fish Camp, through the salt marsh the water becomes more clear the further up river we paddle! While paddling, remember to look through your clear kayak to see the underwater world below! These bucket list views on Weeki Wachee are located just an hour north of Tampa/St.Pete and two hours west of Orlando.

a group of people rowing a boat in the water

Look for incredible wildlife while you take in these iconic views!

Keep your eyes peeled for manatees, dolphins, bald eagles, alligators, birds, fish, and turtles who call these waters home all year long!

Chances are you’ll see a variety of wildlife but sightings are random and not guaranteed. Be on the lookout for our nesting pair of Bald Eagles October- May! During the winter months join us for Manatee Season November- March when our population of manatees doubles! Throughout the year, dolphins frolic in the crystal-clear waters and manatees love to swim past our 2-hour guided adventure that includes a beginner/intermediate paddle upstream with a drift paddle back to the launch site.

Learn about manatees, the river and ecosystems from your 5-star rated and Save the Manatee Club certified Guardian Guide! We foster a commitment to education, stewardship and responsible ecotourism. A portion of each reservation is donated to manatee conservation! Book now for your chance to meet our gentle giants and take home clearly unique memories that will last forever!

a group of people in a pool of water

Learn about  wildlife and the area from experienced guides and live it like the locals from the #1 guides in the area!

TripAdvisor rated Get Up and Go Kayaking as the #1 Nature & Outdoor Experience!

Your guide will welcome you and provide brief paddling and safety instructions. Then, you’ll be off on an adventure as your tour guide leads the way through the salt creeks, along cypress and tree covered canals to the Weeki Wachee River! If the tide is high, your guide will lead the way through a hidden path with a great view of our bald eagle’s nest!  You’ll also take breaks along where we remain in the kayaks, take in the views, and be surrounded by nature. Your guide will be happy to take photos and make sure you have fun along the way!

Kayak at night on a glow tour and illuminate the water below. Enjoy a unique nighttime tour while your color-changing,  waterproof LED lights illuminate the waters below your clear kayak.

Take a clear kayak at night on a glow tour and illuminate the water below. Enjoy a unique nighttime tour while your color-changing, waterproof LED lights illuminate the waters below your 100% clear paddle board! Explore these crystal clear waters at night while looking for wildlife, taking in the stars, and lighting up the water beneath you. Depending on the departure time, you may see one of those incredible sunsets that the Gulf of Mexico is known for! As the night darkens you’ll turn on your lights to glow up the water below. Your tour guide will lead the way on a true adventure through the Weeki Wachee River River and surrounding area! Plan on wearing long sleeves and/or long pants, with bug spray underneath your clothing to deter bugs.


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