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5 Simple Ways To Unplug & Recharge Outside in Florida


5 Simple Ways To Unplug & Recharge Outside in Florida

It’s 2020 – It’s time to get outside! Today, we’re sharing 5 easy ways you can unplug and recharge outdoors in Florida.

1) Set an alarm for an hour earlier than you normally would wake up and take a walk around your neighborhood. This is a fast and easy way to unplug before you start your day staring at your phone or computer screens at work!

2) If you have a pet, take the longer walking route. Not only will your pet appreciate it, a few extra minutes outside is a great way for you to clear your headspace before you tackle on the next task on your hit list.

3) Eat lunch outside! This may seem like a no brainer, but sometimes a quick outdoor fix can really recharge you. Test it out for yourself!!

4) Visit your local farmers market! A lot of farmers markets take place on the weekend in Florida. This is a perfect opportunity to support local farmers AND knock out some produce shopping.

5) Plan an outdoor activity with friends, family, or even co-workers. With a ton of different tour options for you to choose from, paddling in our clear kayaks can be a great way to build bonds, as well as friendships.