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A Dreamy Date Night with Get Up And Go Kayaking in Naples

a sunset over a body of water

Searching for a date night that combines nature’s beauty, adventure, and the magic of the sea? Look no further than “Get Up And Go Kayaking” in Naples, Florida and their exclusive Sunset and Glow Tour. This delightful date idea promises to whisk you and your partner away on an enchanting kayaking adventure, where you’ll immerse yourselves in the picturesque waters and experience a connection like never before. If you’re ready to kindle the flames of romance and embark on an unforgettable journey, read on to discover the wonders that await you with “Get Up And Go Kayaking.”

As you and your partner arrive at “Get Up And Go Kayaking,” at Wiggins Pass you’ll be greeted by friendly staff eager to set the stage for your extraordinary date night. They’ll provide you with top-notch kayaking equipment, including comfortable kayaks, life vests, and paddles, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Your guide will lead you to Barefoot Beach.  Keep an eye out for Naples’ abundant wildlife as you paddle along. Dolphins playfully surfacing, manatees gliding beneath the waters, and a myriad of coastal birds soaring above may make appearances, adding a touch of wonder to your date night.

Walk the beach or take a front row seat on the sand as the sun begins its breathtaking descent on the horizon. Revel in the warm hues painting the sky and creating a romantic backdrop for your date night. The tranquility of the mangroves and the soothing sounds of nature will enhance your bond, making this an unforgettable shared experience.:

Once the sun goes down, you’re in for an extra treat as the “glow” adventure begins.  The LED lights enhanced by the clear kayaks light the waters around you. You can choose the color you want or have the lights cycle through all the colors for an extra fun effect.  As the sun sets and the sky darkens, gaze up to behold the stars twinkling above.

A date night with “Get Up And Go Kayaking” in Naples is a journey of love, adventure, and natural beauty that promises to create cherished memories. Embrace the allure of the mangrove tunnels, witness a breathtaking sunset from a perfect beach, and share tender moments amidst the tranquil waters. This kayaking adventure offers the perfect setting to connect deeply with your partner and create an unforgettable experience that will leave you both longing for more. So, take your loved one’s hand, paddle into paradise, and let “Get Up And Go Kayaking” in Naples spark the flames of romance in your hearts.

a sunset over a body of water