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Best Places to See Bioluminescence


The Best Places to See Bioluminescence

Where does bioluminescence occur?

The bioluminescence occurs many locations around the world. North America, Central America, Asia, New Zealand, Europe. It’s not a coincidence that all of these locations are right on or near the equator. This is because the conditions near the tropic region are just right for these phenomena to occur.

The warmer the water the better to see the bio! Even though it occurs in many locations it is not as common as you may think. Since the bioluminescence needs right conditions, it is often only visible for a short period of time in most locations. However, there are several locations known to have the bioluminescence on a predictable basis.

One of the best known locations to see bioluminescence is “bioluminescent bay” in Puerto Rico. Recently, people have noticed that the bioluminescence in Florida’s Space Coast (Mosquito Lagoon) has been extremely bright and is becoming more popular!

In Florida it’s likely you can see bioluminescence near Titusville, Fort Pierce, and even Tampa Bay each summer.

We’ve even seen bioluminescence occur in California during the summer time!

It’s an incredible phenomenon that we’d recommend checking out at least once in your lifetime!