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Calling All Snow Birds: Top Things To Do During The Winter Time In Florida  


Get Up And Go Merritt’s Mill

You might be thinking, “kayaking…In this weather?” Don’t let your thoughts fool you! Because kayaking at Merritt’s Mill in CLEAR Kayaks might be one of the warmest things you can do outside! The temperature of the spring water stays a consistent 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit all year long! You may not want to jump in, but paddling through a beautiful clear spring-fed reservoir with steam coming off the surface is a magical experience for all ages!

Oyster City Brewing Company Tallahassee

You just got off Merritt’s Mill from your magical kayaking adventure and want to just sit back and relax, but you don’t want to go home. What do you do? Go check out the Brewery in Tallahassee and get yourself a Mill Pond Dirty Blonde Ale! This beer was inspired by the very spring you were just paddling on and you can finally get a taste of the beauty you just saw! This local favorite brewery, crafts their beers with the inspiration given to them by the Florida Panhandle. The laid back, outdoor patio is a perfect place to kick back and relax after your adventure. They have outdoor games and live music on the weekends!

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Looking to get out and do some trails in the crisp cold air? Check out this State Park for some really awesome trails that take you right along a few springs. This time of year is perfect for hiking because you won’t have to worry about coating yourself in bug spray! And hey, if you want to, all of these fun things we mentioned are close enough to do them in one day!