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Clear Kayak Glow Tour though Shell Key Preserve

a person riding a skate board in the dark

Looking for a truly unique nighttime adventure? Explore the incredible waterways of Shell Key Preserve from our clear kayaks, at night!

a man standing next to a body of water

Our glow tours feature our 100% clear kayaks and the latest waterproof LED light technology. The kayaks are outfitted with these underwater lights, which allow you to see through the water below! Choose a color that matches your personality and light up the water beneath you!

We have two glow tour adventures available:

Sunset & Glow Tour

Paddle into Shell Key Preserve and take in the sunset as it sets over the beautiful mangroves. As night falls, your LED lights will light up more of the water around you, the stars will come out, and the experience will be transformed into a nighttime adventure. Fish become quite active at dusk and start jumping out of the water. As you paddle through shallower areas, the lights will illuminate the sea grass and sandy bottom of the preserve, and your clear kayak will be a window into the water below! Your tour guide will lead the way, share some facts, and make sure that you have an incredible time while you explore the preserve.

a person sitting next to a body of water

Glow Tour

Adventure out into the darkness, with the glow of the LED lights beneath you. Take in the sounds of the preserve while checking out the water below your clear kayak. You’ll hear fish jumping around you, see some sea grass below you, and feel the relaxing ocean air while paddling through the preserve. Your tour guide will lead the way to the hidden mangrove tunnel entrance, where you can paddle your kayak through the tunnel. Experience the ambiance created by the soft color of the LED glow lights on the incredible overhead formation of the mangroves. Along the way, your guide will use their headlamp to point out some of the finer details and illuminate the way.

a small boat in a body of water

Finally, we will paddle over to the sandbar, where we will take a break from paddling to take in the stars and immerse yourself in nature.

a small boat in a body of water

With either option, be ready to have an adventure to remember, with some possible surprise visits from wildlife, some low-light stargazing, and a uniquely different perspective of Shell Key Preserve. Ages 12 and up are invited to join us to Get Up and GLOW kayaking!

a person sitting in a dark room

Check Our Glow Video!