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Tour the Springs of Crystal River in a Clear Kayak!


| Clear Kayaking the Springs of Crystal River |

Search for manatees, dolphins, and more along Crystal River!

Crystal River is in the heart of the Nature Coast of Florida. From lush greenery to beautiful waters, you start to realize why the Nature Coast of Florida got its name! Paddling through the crystal-clear water of Crystal River isn’t just another kayaking trip… From the very beginning, you get to experience the very best of Florida.

a tree next to a body of water

This location hosts two unique experiences that put you right in the middle of nature without hindering the breathtaking views beneath you. Depending on the time of year you us, we offer a Three Sisters Springs Tour that puts you up close and personal with three of the most beautiful springs in Florida; and a Manatee Season Tour between November 15th and March 31st , when hundreds of manatees migrate to the warmer waters of Crystal River to mate and feed. Both of these tours are filled with picturesque views, local wildlife, and beautifully clear water found in the neighboring springs. Plan your next adventure with us and see for yourself!

Upon arrival to our launch site at King’s Bay Park, you will walk towards the pier and be greeted with a smile by one of our tour guides. They will the give you a brief run-down of how to operate the kayaks and the details of the tour. Once we’ve taken care of
business, it’s time for some fun! We will help you into the two-person, clear kayaks and take off on an adventure you will never forget!

a group of people swimming in the water

Manatee Season Tour (November 15th – March 31st )

As you paddle from the launch site and through the bay, the brackish water gradually gets so clear that you feel like you are a part of the world below. On this part of the tour, be on the lookout for any aquatic friends where the salt and fresh water meet! Our first destination on the Manatee Season Tour is the stunning Hunter Springs. While here, we paddle further into Jurassic Spring to see a massive crack in the earth that pushes up thousands of tons of water where manatees love to hang out! From Hunter Springs we will take you back across King’s Bay towards Three Sisters Springs – We cannot enter the springs during this time of year as they turn Three Sisters Springs into a manatee sanctuary. This is where manatees flood the entrance to stay warm, eat, and mate. The city of Crystal River played a huge role in removing the West Indian manatee from the endangered species list, and this tour shows proof that their efforts are still making a huge difference!

Our goal on this tour is to bring you up close and personal with as many manatees as possible. Our experienced guides will be sure to take you to their favorite manatee hot spots and keep you entertained along the way! At the peak of manatee season, from November 15 th through March 15 th , we could see up to 50, if not more, of these amazing creatures on each tour throughout the waterways surrounding the entrance to Three Sisters Springs.

Three Sisters Springs Tour (April 1st – November 14th )

On our Three Sisters Springs Tour, we float into the striking waters of Three SistersSprings; one Florida’s first magnitude springs. If we’re lucky, some of the resident manatees will say hi along the way. Keep your head on a swivel! These playful friend sare often seen in groups, popping their heads out of the water for some air and a quick hello. Once we reach the head of the springs, we paddle through a narrow pass that reveals one of the most beautiful sights in Florida. This spring has three different vents inside, the water is so clear you can see every fish and turtle that passes by! After we float into Three Sisters Springs, we paddle right over the vents so you can see the water boil up from the earth. Such an incredible site! Next, we find a nice place to park the kayaks for a nice dip in the refreshing water.

We hope to paddle with you soon!

a man in a pool of water


  • Hats
  • No shoes – we don’t allow shoes to be worn in the kayak but sandals/water shoes can be brought along for when we exit the kayaks along the tour.
  • Water (no glass or styrofoam is allowed on the waterway)
  • Swim Wear for our Three Siisters springs Tour – you’ll love getting in the water as its 72 degrees year round!
  • Camera – we provide small dry bags for your phone, wallet, keys, etc! We also offer GoPro rentals upon booking!
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes




Fun things to do before or after your Crystal River kayak tour:

We launch just a few minutes’ walk from Crystal River’s cozy down town as well as a few restaurants. If you are looking to swim or have a picnic, then Hunter Springs is the perfect spot! Hunter Springs is known for the “beach” access into the spring where patrons enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the clear and refreshing waters, as well as the newly redesigned park.

Crystal River has some great restaurants right on the water if you’re looking for a bite! Margarita Breeze, The Crab Plant, Cracker’s Bar & Grill, and Charlie’s Fish House are just a few places our guests like to eat.

Fort Island Gulf Beach is located right on the coast and is a great place to watch the sunset! There is also a beach access and bathrooms for your convenience.