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Explore the Best of Florida Springs with Get Up and Go Kayaking – Gilchrist Blue

a pond of water

a pond of water

If you’re searching for exciting and unforgettable things to do in Florida, especially near Gainesville and the University of Florida, look no further than Get Up and Go Kayaking – Gilchrist Blue. Our clear kayaking tours offer a unique way to experience the natural beauty and abundant wildlife of the Santa Fe River and its surrounding springs.

Why Choose Our Clear Kayaking Tours?

Our guided tours provide an unparalleled adventure, featuring multiple spring visits, abundant wildlife, and clear kayaks that offer a unique underwater view.


1. Multiple Spring Visits

Our tours take you to several stunning springs, including:

  • Rum Island Spring: Our launch point at Rum Island County Park features Rum Island Spring and another nearby spring. After your tour, you can walk or swim in these springs for an extended adventure.
  • Gilchrist Blue Spring: Known for its crystal-clear waters, this spring is perfect for snorkeling and swimming.
  • Jonathan Spring: A hidden gem with a serene and picturesque setting on the Santa Fe River.

2. Abundant Wildlife

The Santa Fe River is teeming with wildlife. As you paddle through its clear waters, you might spot:

  • Turtles basking on logs
  • Fish swimming beneath your kayak or mullet fish leaping out of the river
  • Birds such as hawks, herons, swallow-tail kites, pileated woodpeckers, and egrets
  • Occasional sightings of river otters and even the potential for some local manatees

3. Unique Clear Kayaks

Our clear kayaks allow you to see straight through to the riverbed, providing an unparalleled view of the underwater world and submerged aquatic vegetation. This unique perspective enhances your connection with nature and makes the tour even more memorable.

Proximity to Other Popular Springs

Our tours are conveniently located near several other popular springs and attractions, making it easy to plan a full day of adventure:

  • Ginnie Springs: Just a short drive away, Ginnie Springs is famous for its crystal-clear waters and cave diving opportunities.
  • Devil’s Den: Another nearby attraction, Devil’s Den is a prehistoric underground spring inside a dry cave, perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.
  • Ichetucknee Springs: Located nearby, Ichetucknee Springs is famous for its beautiful tubing experiences, especially popular in the summer.

Convenient Location

Our tours launch from Rum Island County Park, making it a convenient and accessible day trip from Gainesville and the University of Florida. Whether you’re a student, a family, or a visitor, our tours offer a refreshing escape into the heart of Florida’s natural beauty.

An Eco-Friendly Adventure

At Get Up and Go Kayaking – Gilchrist Blue, we are committed to preserving the natural environment. Our tours are designed to minimize impact on the ecosystem, and we educate our guests on responsible and sustainable practices while exploring these delicate environments.

Plan Your Visit

Ready to embark on an adventure like no other? Book your tour with Get Up and Go Kayaking – Gilchrist Blue and experience the natural wonders of Florida’s springs. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, our tours offer a refreshing escape into the heart of Florida’s natural beauty.

Visit our website to learn more and book your tour today!

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