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Shell Key Private Clear Kayak Tour

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Private Tour
1 - 2 People
3 - 4 People
5 - 6 People
7 - 8 People

Embark on a Personalized Adventure on a private Kayak tour of Shell Key Preserve!

Our customizable tours offer a diverse array of experiences within this pristine ecosystem. Whether you seek an adventure focused on birdwatching, a paddle through incredible mangrove tunnels, or a serene exploration of secluded beaches, our private tours cater to your preferences. Glide through crystal-clear waters in a clear kayak, discovering the preserve’s hidden gems guided by expert, 5-star rated eco-tour guides. While paddling look out for dolphins, manatees, pelicans, and a myriad of marine life while immersing yourself in the picturesque mangroves, sandbars, and white sand beaches. With each tour option providing a unique perspective, there’s plenty to discover in a personalized and unforgettable 3-hour private adventure through Shell Key Preserve. Chances are that you’ll see a variety of wildlife, but sightings are random and not guaranteed.

Private tour options:

Mangrove Exploration Tour (high tide)

Experience the wonders of Shell Key Preserve during high tide, perfect for exploring the intricate mangrove tunnels and hidden pathways. Glide through beautiful waters, spotting diverse marine life while paddling near St. Pete Beach. Your clear kayak offers a window to the underwater world below as you navigate through mangrove islands and enjoy secluded beaches.


  • Mangrove Discovery: Explore hidden pathways and tunnels during high tide, guided by expert tour leaders.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Be on the lookout for dolphins, manatees, pelicans, crabs, and more amidst picturesque mangroves.
  • Ecosystem Discovery: Learn about Shell Key Preserve’s ecosystems and wildlife from experienced eco-tour guides.

Shelling/Beach Expedition Tour (low tide)

Description: Join an expedition designed for low tide, ideal for shell collecting and beach exploration at Shell Key Preserve near St. Pete Beach. Discover the white sand beaches, sandbars, and the beauty of the preserve’s natural habitats. As the water recedes, uncover shells while enjoying the serene surroundings.


  • Beach Exploration: Explore secluded beaches and sandbars during low tide, offering prime opportunities for shelling.
  • Ecosystem Discovery: Learn about the shells, wildlife, and ecosystems found in Shell Key Preserve from experienced eco-tour guides.
  • Scenic Break: Take a break at Shell Key to enjoy the views, collect shells, and capture memorable moments.

Child-Oriented Educational Kayaking Adventures

Introduce your family to an immersive outdoor educational experience in Shell Key Preserve. Dive into wildlife identification, marine biology, beach ecology, and more through engaging kayak tours designed for specific age groups. Explore estuaries, wildlife habitats, and shoreline features while fostering a deeper connection to nature.


  • Expert-Led Learning: Led by an eco-tour guide with formal environmental education passionate about marine biology and conservation efforts.
  • Scientific Exploration: Engage in civic data collection, wildlife spotting, and hands-on activities.
  • Hands-On Experience: Engage in real-time learning about estuaries, marine life, and environmental conservation.

Sunset & Glow Experience

Delight in a picturesque sunset over Shell Key Preserve before embarking on an adventure illuminated by LED lights beneath your kayak. Paddle into the night, witnessing the preserve’s beauty under changing light conditions.


  • Sunset Spectacle: Enjoy the sunset over mangroves and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Magical Night Paddle: Experience the transition from sunset to nighttime, observing marine life and the starlit sky.
  • Guided Exploration: Navigate through the preserve with your knowledgeable tour guide leading the way and providing education about the local wildlife and ecosystems

Glow Tour Adventure

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing nighttime journey with LED-lit clear kayaks. Discover the mysteries of Shell Key Preserve as your kayak lights up the waters, providing unique views of the marine environment.


  • Nighttime Wonders: Hear the sounds of nature while observing marine life and the preserve’s serene ambiance.
  • Mangrove Tunnel Exploration: Glide through hidden mangrove tunnels, surrounded by your kayak’s glow lights.
  • Expert-Led Adventure: Follow your ecotour guide on an unforgettable nocturnal experience.

Birding Kayak Tour

Immerse yourself in a birding adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of Shell Key Preserve, navigating the crystal-clear waters near St. Pete Beach in a clear kayak. As you paddle along the mangroves and serene beaches, take in the breathtaking sights and keep your gaze skyward for an array of fascinating avian species.


  • Seasonal Wonders: Spot the magnificent pink Roseate Spoonbills during summer and the majestic White Pelicans inhabiting the sandbars in winter.
  • Year-round Delights: Encounter an array of birdlife, including cormorants, brown pelicans, and various coastal birds while exploring picturesque mangroves and sandbars. Chances are that you’ll see a variety of wildlife, but sightings are random and not guaranteed.
  • Expert Insights: Learn about the diverse bird species and their habitats from our knowledgeable eco-tour guide, enhancing your bird watching experience.
  • Guided Expedition: Your tour guide leads the way through mangrove islands, offering insights into the preserve’s ecosystems and the birds that call this area home.

We will contact you after you book to arrange a start time for your private tour.