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Chassahowitka 'The Chaz' Clear Kayak Tour

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Adult Ages 15+
Child Ages 3 - 15

Explore the Chassahowitzka River by Kayak!

Come explore old Florida on this unique 2.5-3 hour tour in 100% CLEAR kayaks! We will paddle through the lush, spring-fed waterways of the Chassahowitzka River, affectionately known to us locals as The Chaz.

The Chaz is surrounded by protected land, guaranteeing a truly natural, unspoiled Florida experience. Share the water with manatees, dolphins, alligators, river otters, and countless species of fish, and keep your eyes peeled for any of the unique species of birds above.

This tour begins and ends at Seven Sisters Campground located on a canal just off the main river. Depending on boat traffic, this paddle includes a stop at Seven Sisters Springs, where the natural underwater limestone creates several small cave tunnels that connect to each other, making it possible to dive from one opening to the next! As well as a paddle downstream to Baird Creek, a winding stream that is only accessible by small paddle crafts and is like a scene from Jurassic Park.

We will pass through the lagoon of Blue Springs then onward towards the hidden gem of what is known as “The Crack,” a beautiful natural spring surrounded by forest, usually accessed on foot! After a refreshing dip and a ride on the famous rope swing, we will paddle back upriver.

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Pets are allowed, but must remain in the kayak during tour! We ask that you bring a towel to put down so they don’t scratch the kayak.