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Manatees at Silver Springs

animal on the water

The manatee is one of Florida’s most popular marine animals and people travel from across the country, and even the world just to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures! They are some of the most peaceful marine animals on the planet and are truly a wonder to be seen! If you’re looking for somewhere to see these beautiful creatures, what better way to see them than out on the water paddling in a clear kayak? Get Up and Go Kayaking offers guided eco tours in clear kayaks all throughout the state of Florida, but if you’re wanting to see these loveable sea cows, then our Silver Springs location is definitely one to check out! Manatee season falls between the months of November – March, but this summer we have had many fun visits from our laid-back friends, and they’ve been putting on quite the show!

a close up of an animal

Here are some fun facts about our favorite sea mammals! 

  • Manatees typically range in size from about 9 to 10 feet and can weigh 440 to 1,300lbs but some have been found at 13 feet long and over 3,500lbs!
  • Manatees can’t move their head sideways!
  • Despite their large size, manatees need to remain in waters warmer than 60 degrees Fahrenheit survive! During the winter months when the gulf begins to cool, manatees travel to the springs where water temps stay between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. 
  • Manatees have no natural predators. Humans are actually the biggest threat to the manatee population.
  •  The manatee’s closest relative is the elephant! And like elephants, manatees use their muscular upper lip, kind of like a trunk, to pull up their food
  • Manatees typically swim around 5mph but can swim upwards of 15mph in short bursts!
  • Due to their large size, and easy-going, laid-back nature, manatees have been nicknamed sea cows! They are herbivores and consume primarily sea grass. Some can consume upwards of a tenth of their body weight in a 24-hour period!