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Okaloosa County has a rich history spanning many centuries and four Countries; it is no wonder that Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton, Destin, and Mary Esther abound with ghost stories

Santa Rosa Sound, directly across from Mary Esther, is home to one of the most haunted sites, Pirates Cove. The cove is rumored to have been used as a pirate base, the perfect place to hide bounty stolen from merchant ships. Others believe it was only used as shelter during bad storms.   Pirates Cove is…

The Destin Area is known for its beautiful Emerald Beaches and Clear Kayak Tours, but it is also on the Atlantic Bird Flyway!

Florida, often referred to as the “Sunshine State,” boasts beautiful beaches and warm weather and plays host to a remarkable spectacle each year – the arrival of migratory birds. Millions of birds, 196 species, pass through Florida to reach their wintering grounds. With its diverse ecosystems, from wetlands to coastal regions and lush forests, Florida…