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Fun Things To Do Inside


We’re all inside, right? Here are a few unique ways to help pass the time!

After all of this some of us may want to have a reverse quarantine, but for now we wanted to share some ideas on things you can be doing inside.

Plan an adventure. Start brainstorming some destinations you’ve been craving to visit! Make it fun and have your family members or roommates vote for their favorite location then start a countdown! This way, you all are actively involved and have something to look forward to.

Get creative! Whether it’s a dessert you’ve been dying to make, or a family recipe that you’d love to perfect, throw an apron on! This is a great family pastime – we highly suggest it!

Reminisce. With some extra time on your hands, a fun idea could include putting together virtual photo albums for your loved ones. What better way to pass the time than to look back on all of the memories you’ve made together?

We hope this helps spark some ideas for you and your families during this time we’re apart!! On behalf of the entire Get Up And Go team, we’ll see you soon!

P.S. Our Rock Springs & Rainbow Springs location have teamed up with Conservation Florida and the Florida Springs Council to give back! A portion of your reservation will be donated to continue to help our beautiful state of Florida and it’s Springs.



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