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Where To See The BEST Bioluminescence This Summer

a tree next to a body of water

Find the best bioluminescence in Florida right here in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge! Take a tour in a 100% CLEAR kayak for the best viewing!

Clear kayaks and bioluminescence season. Did we just read off an item from your bucket list?

Starting June 12th, we’ll be kicking off our clear kayak bioluminescent tours in Titusville, FL. We paddle out in groups no larger than 10 people, so you’ll really have the opportunity to enjoy the tour at your leisure in our intimate setting. We do anticipate our tours to reach capacity this season, so make sure you book ASAP! Our Bio tours are mind blowing. Honestly, it’s something you have to see to believe.

a body of water

Bioluminescence is the emission of light from a living organism and our clear kayaks offer the best view for this. Believe it or not, the moon plays a huge role in bioluminescence tours. When the moon phase is 55% or less, the easier it is to spot the glowing organisms underneath your clear kayak! Each tour we offer has equal opportunity to view the bio, as the brightness doesn’t depend on the time of night.

We host our tours at what we like to call, a hidden gem – Haulover Canal. The lack of city light and tall buildings, which are known to minimize the glow, make this location the PREMIER spot for our bioluminescent tours. Not to mention, the water is the perfect temperature to see the bio due to the sun heating it up during the day. Warm water is key!

Haulover Canal is located in the middle of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge which is essential to seeing the bioluminescence. This is a unique place that is about 140,000 acres of NOTHINGNESS, aka pitch black at night with no light pollution. This is why our launch spot is so special and considered to be the best viewing for bioluminescence in Florida, and the USA! This also means that on clear nights like the ones shown below you can see thousands of stars and even the Milky Way! We see so many shooting stars each night, it’s an extra treat we like to thank our dark launch site for!

a sunset over a body of water

As the bio life swims underneath you, their movements will cause a glow so remember to take advantage of our clear kayaks and look underneath you! In the past, we’ve even had dolphins swim up to our clear kayaks and they actually look like they’re glowing!!

We’re the most top reviewed Bioluminescent tour for a reason and we couldn’t be more proud!

Our guides are super passionate about what they do and it’s their mission to inform and educate  guests while hosting a great tour. Whether you’re a pro at kayaking or if this is your first time, they will make you feel right at home when you step into one of our clear kayaks.

What’re you waiting for? LET’S GLOW!

Still need more convincing? Check out our video below from Summer 2019, as well as our site map so you can get a better idea of where we’re located. We can’t wait to see you!

Our Launch Location


1) Bug spray! We suggest Repel Natural DEET-Free Aerosol Insect Repellent.

2) You may get wet on the tour as the paddles tend to splash some water into your kayak, so feel free to bring a change of clothes for after your tour!

3) If you’d like to capture this beautiful phenomenon, we suggest bringing a camera that shoots well in extremely low light!

4) Water to drink, if you’d like!