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How to Plan a Trip to Silver Springs

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How to Plan a Trip to Silver Springs

What should I bring?

-Bring lots of Water (especially in the summer!)

Any sort of activity at the springs can leave you dehydrated and it’s important to bring water/energy drinks to stay hydrated.

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– A camera and a charged battery

Silver Springs has lots of amazing scenery! You will want to brag to your friends about your amazing trip!

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– Some snacks for a kayaking tour

A Get Up and Go Kayaking tour typically lasts an hour and a half. With constant paddling, it’s easy to burn some calories. Fuel up with a protein bar or some fruits.

– The right clothing

For a hiking trip or boat tour wear something light that you don’t mind sweating in and some shoes that are comfortable. For a kayaking tour, bring a bathing suit and some water shoes. I highly recommend sunglasses for the summer.

– Sunscreen 

With the UV index in the summer reaching 10 or higher, sunscreen is a must. Be safe!

– Plans for after you visit the springs

There are plenty of great restaurants and hotels around the area. Here is a list of possible spots to visit.

  • Silver Springs restaurant (5300 E Silver Springs Blvd)
  • The Mojo Grill & Catering Company (4620 E Silver Springs Blvd)
  • Darell’s Dog Gone Good Diner (5125 E Silver Springs Blvd)
  • Big Lee’s BBQ (3925 SE 45th Ct

– A Great Attitude
Expect to have a great day and to make the most out of your trip. Have Fun!

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