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  • 100% CLEAR WATER

Clear Kayak Eco Adventure

Top Rated Tour in Florida's Panhandle

Quick Details

Take a Guided Clear Kayak Adventure Through Merritt’s Mill.

Be on the lookout for unique Florida wildlife and nature along this bucket list paddle in Florida’s Panhandle.

As you paddle along the crystal clear waters of Merritt’s Mill Pond you’ll weave your way through towering cypress trees, underwater cave systems, jump platforms, and limestone cliff-sides. The water is pristine and extremely clear along the entire paddle, which is perfect in our 100% clear kayaks. Take advantage of the views directly beneath you as we paddle above spring vents, various plant life, and even some unique Florida marine life.

Paddle with a top-rated tour guide through Merritt’s Mill Pond.

Learn from the best with our Get Up And Go Kayaking trained guides. Our guides have never met a stranger!

Enjoy engaging conversation with our 5-star tour guides! Each of our guides are trained on the many different species of wildlife and plant life you may encounter along your tour at Merritt’s Mill. Not only will they point out any specifics they are seeing along the tour, but they will also make sure to snag a few pictures along the way for you to share your memories of the great adventures. Places become memorable not only by the place itself, but often the people we meet along the way. Our guides are there to make you feel like a forever friend!

Kayak at night and illuminate the crystal clear waters below with our LED clear kayak tours.

Ignite the night and put a little shine in your life with this memorable experience.

Looking for more adventure?! Look no further! This night time adventure is one you’ll remember forever! Our color changing LED lights will light the way through the unique experience of enjoying the springs at night. Whether you choose to look up at the stars or down through the pristine waters, you’ll have amazing moments along our glow tour in Merritt’s Mill. Bring some friends, family, or even come adventure as a solo paddler to cross this experience off your adventure bucket list.




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