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Monkeys In Florida

a bird perched on a tree branch

Monkeys In Florida!

That’s right! You can see wild monkeys at Silver Springs State Park! While there are many theories that surround why these rhesus monkeys are here in the first place, it is quite the sight to see in person! It’s said these monkeys have been around since the 1930’s after escaping an island on the Silver River. Today these monkeys can be seen all along the river! While spotting them isn’t always guaranteed, one of the best ways to view these monkeys swinging high in the trees above you is by taking Get Up And Go Kayaking Silver Springs clear kayak tour! During your tour you’ll get to hear directly from your guide some of the theories surrounding why you can see these monkeys hanging around (literally) in the sunshine state!

a body of water surrounded by trees

While these monkeys are safe to view from a distance, it is important to remember to follow the state park rules and leave all food stored in a cooler and not taken into your kayaks. No matter where you are viewing wild animals, it’s always a unique and memorable experience and something we hope you’ll get the chance to do with us here at Silver Springs!

a close up of a pond