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Planning a trip to Rainbow Springs?


Planning a trip to Rainbow Springs? Here’s what to expect!

1). Lots of history!
Starting as a phosphate mine in the late 19th century, Rainbow Springs has been constructed into an oasis with waterfalls, exotic animals and an amazing botanical landscape.

a river running through a forest

2). Kind locals and friendly visitors!

During my Get Up and Go Kayaking clear kayak tour we were greeted by many of the locals who live on the river and passed by boats, kayakers, swimmers and paddle boarders who all waved and smiled at us. We even met one couple who brought their dog with them who said hi to us. Get Up and Go Kayaking – Rainbow Springs is dog friendly! So make sure to bring your fur friends!

3). Cool water all year long!
With the springs being naturally cooled to 72°F, it’s easy to beat the Florida heat in the summer and warm up in the water during the winter months. This makes swimming and paddling in the springs a perfect adventure no matter what month it is.

No matter what you’re doing at Rainbow Springs, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience and to have a fun day in Dunnellon, Florida!