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Tips For Swimming In The Florida Springs During The Winter

a person swimming in a pool of water


How Do You Swim During The Winter Without Freezing?  

You may be thinking, this post is a joke! Swimming outside during winter? Yeah right! But nope, it’s actually a very common thing. If you utilize our tips, it can be very enjoyable!

Tip #1: Invest in a good wetsuit! If you don’t already know, wetsuits can keep your body warm in the water. The way they work is by trapping the water in your wetsuit and allowing your body heat to warm up the water. Make sure to move around a lot to get the water heated inside your wetsuit!

Tip #2: Choose a spring-fed body of water to swim in, like Merritt’s Mill Pond. Springs stay a consistent temperature of 68-72 degrees all year long. That means even when the outside temperature is cold, the water will be warm!

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