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Why is Crystal River home to so many manatees?

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The warm, spring-fed waters of the Crystal River in Florida are ideal for the survival of a large population of manatees. Because of their sensitivity to cold, manatees are only found in the subtropical and tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Crystal River is home to warm springs that stay around 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year long, making it a haven for manatees even in the winter.

Crystal River is ideal for manatees because of the favorable temperature and the abundance of food sources, such as seagrass and other aquatic plants. Manatees migrate from their summer feeding grounds in search of warmer waters during the winter months, and Crystal River is a popular destination due to its warm water and abundance of food.

Because of this, Crystal River has one of the highest densities of manatees in the United States, making it a popular spot for tourists who want to see these amazing animals in their natural environment.



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