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Top 10 reasons to visit Silver Springs

a close up of a pond

Take an adventure like none other at Silver Springs State Park!

Here’s our top 10 things to do while you’re in the Silver Springs Area

1. Silver Springs, located in Silver Springs, FL is the LARGEST artesian spring in the world!

2. Especially in the colder months, you may spot some of the larger locals floating by in the water.

If you guessed manatees, you are correct! Silver Springs State Park has year-round manatees that love swimming directly beneath kayakers and paddlers.

3. There are over 22-species of fish in the eco-system at this state park.

4. If you are so lucky, you might also spot another popular local of Silver Springs – monkeys!

Rhesus monkeys have been part of the Silver Springs State Park wildlife population since the 1930’s. The story of how they got here is one you’ll want to hear. Find out more about these wild monkeys on your next Silver Springs kayak tour.

5. And since we are SO excited about this one! Get Up and Go Kayaking recently launched a new location at Silver Springs! We now offer 1.5 2-hour CLEAR kayak guided tours where you will learn all the reasons why we chose this special and scenic place to be our next clear kayak location!

6. There are over 55-acres that make up the state park, which means there is plenty of room to explore. Silver Springs State Park offers hiking and bike trails, as well as an on-site campground where you can also book and rent cabins. But make sure you plan-ahead. These cabins have been known to book out 11-months in advance!

7. Silver Springs State Park is the site of the oldest commercial tourist attraction in Florida! In fact, history of the state park dates back into the 1800’s… Woah!

8. Many movies have been filmed at the park. To name a few: Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tarzan the Ape Man, the television series Sea Hunt, and so many more!

9. Visit the Silver River Museum & Environmental Education Center – located at Silver Springs State Park. Here you can see movie props that were used in films at Silver Springs, a large mammoth skeleton they recovered from the river years back, and an entire wing dedicated to the Native American dugout canoes. The new wing is also home to the famous exhibit called “Dugout Canoes: Paddling Through the Americas”.

10. Finally, because Silver Springs State Park is the perfect place to make special memories, where you may feel like you are traveling back in time.