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What Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do In Miami Beach FL?

a large green field with trees in the background

What Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do In Miami Beach FL?

A List of Fun Outdoor Activities

Following is the list you can do in Miami Beach to gear up your mood.

●     In Miami Beach, the Miami Design Preservation League offers a 90-minute Art Deco walking tour in the center of the Architectural Historic District.

●     If you’re in North Miami, take a nature stroll through Oleta River State Park to see the magnificent Mangroves and Wild Lantana blossoms.

●     After that, visit Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves to look for alligators before concluding your day with a picnic at Key Biscayne National Park.

●     If you’re in the Homestead region, take a walk along the Everglades National Park Bobcat Boardwalk to see all of the wildlife that South Florida has to offer.

●     If you’re more of a social person seeking outdoor activities with a group, go to Coral Gate Park, Kinloch Park, or Charles Hadley Park; they all feature a variety of outdoor senior programs.

●     Be on the watch for a variety of bird species, mangroves, rays, fish, manatees, dolphins, and more!

●     The museum and gardens (originally the Deering Estate) are often regarded as one of the nicest backgrounds in the city, with an Italian Renaissance-style house in the heart of a beautiful Coconut Grove that spans 43 acres perfect for your photoshoot.

●      Visit for some beachfront yoga, jazz-age parties, and even some kid-friendly activities.

Plan Your Kayak Tour With Us

We are here to get you away from the typical Miami hustle and bustle and kayak through the mangrove tunnels right in the heart of North Miami!

This 2.5-hour guided paddle begins at East Greynolds Park and continues through towering mangrove tunnels in search of local species and marine life.

As you escape the mangrove tunnels, you’ll enter a maze of mangroves that serves as a haven for fish, rays, and other sea creatures. The shallow seas are ideal for observing wildlife from the kayak!

Final Thoughts

Whatever kind of experience you seek in Miami, will offer something to suit you. We will provide you with all of the information you need to plan your vacation to this vibrant city. We’ll go over how to get around, where to eat (and what to eat), day trip suggestions, and the best things to do in Miami for adults. Begin planning your next – or first – Miami excursion right here!