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Dolphins, Manatees, and MORE at Shell Key Preserve!

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| Dolphins, Manatees, and MORE at Shell Key! |

The past month at Shell Key Preserve has been filled with incredible guest experiences with our native wildlife. We’ve had numerous dolphins swimming under our CLEAR kayaks, experienced manatees stopping by to visit as we kick off our tours, and discovered many smaller creatures along our paddles! We would like to share a special feature of our dolphin friends!

Our clear kayak tours have afforded us several unique experiences with our bottlenose dolphins, particularly when they are hunting fish! Thus far we have witnessed two intriguing types of hunting, one of which was recently featured in the Netflix series “Our Planet.”

In the feature, dolphins stir up muddy waters resulting in fish jumping up into the air to escape dangerous waters. This provides the opportunity for the dolphins to catch the fish mid-air or in the muddy waters while they fish are confused. A second technique involves a dolphin using their tail to slap or flip a fish out of water, then swimming to retrieve the stunned fish. Take a look at our videos below!

We’re thrilled to provide a safe, environmentally friendly and see-through adventure to witness dolphins in their natural habitat! During our tours, wildlife/eco-guides provide a vast array of information, facts, and even some silly jokes, educating you more about these incredible creatures. We hope to have you paddling with us soon! Look for next month’s feature on our local manatees!


  • Hats
  • No shoes – we don’t allow shoes to be worn in the kayak but sandals/water shoes can be brought along for when we exit the kayaks along the tour.
  • Water (no glass or styrofoam is allowed on the waterway)
  • Swim Wear – you’ll love getting in the water, walking along the beach, or scoping for shells on the sandbars!
  • Camera – we provide small dry bags for your phone, wallet, keys, etc!
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes (for afterwards)