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Jupiter Marine Life – Fun Finds on Your Tour!

a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

| Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Jupiter Marine Life |

We are so fortunate to live in an area that has so much to offer in respect to marine life.  What better way to see it then through a 100% clear kayak?  Every time we go out on a tour, we see a variety of very interesting sea creatures which include manatee, sea turtles, starfish, conch, sea urchin, sea cucumber, puffer fish, pelicans and osprey! One of the biggest reasons we have such a variety of marine life is that we have manatee sea grass and turtle sea grass.  Both provide plenty of food for its namesake, as well as, for wading and diving birds.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

Manatees, or sea cows, are our most sought after sighting. Although official manatee season is in the winter months, we see them all year round.These guys can grow up to 10 feet long and weigh up to 1200 pounds!  Their closest relative is the elephant and are also big eaters, consuming up to 150 pounds of sea grass daily!  They are slow and peaceful mammals which provide our guests a great opportunity to view and get great pictures.

a person taking a selfie

We also spot numerous sea turtles during our tours.  The most common one we see is the Green Sea Turtle.  They too, are big sea grass consumers.  The water in Jupiter is the perfect habitat for them and are rarely seen in the open ocean.  Adults can grow to 3-4 feet and weigh up to 400 pounds! Starfish, conch, hermit crabs, sea urchin, and sea cucumbers are among the many other sea creatures we find in the shallows and on our stops at the sandbars.  There are several species of each critter which our guide will identify and relay some fun facts about all of them.  Did you know that starfish have no blood or brains?  How about they aren’t even a fish?  Did you know that conchs wander for miles instead of staying in one place?  They use their “foot” to lift and throw themselves forward!  Sea cucumbers are pretty cool too.  They can reproduce by themselves or with a mate!

 Every one of our tours is unique and your guide will seek out and find lots of varied and interesting marine life.  You’ll learn lots of fun facts and have a great time paddling in our clear kayaks on the beautiful intracoastal waterway in Jupiter.


  • Hats
  • No shoes – we don’t allow shoes to be worn in the kayak but sandals/water shoes can be brought along for when we exit the kayaks along the tour.
  • Water (no glass or styrofoam is allowed on the waterway)
  • Swim Wear – you’ll have the chance to wade in the shallow waters and exit the kayaks along the sandbars!
  • Camera – we provide small dry bags for your phone, wallet, keys, etc!
  • Towel (for afterwards)
  • Change of clothes (for afterwards)