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Top Photo Spots along Rainbow River!

a body of water surrounded by trees

Top photo spots at Rainbow River!

We are sharing our top 5 favorite photo spots along Rainbow River. We’ll also note a few tips and tricks on how to capture your next post worthy photo perfectly! The locations you will see here are all easily accessible on Get Up and Go Kayaking – Rainbow Springs clear kayak tours! Here we go!

1.Obviously we have to start off big and Rainbow Springs head-spring area takes the #1 spot! With crystal clear waters all around there’s really not a bad photo spot you will find here. This is also the furthest point up Rainbow River which means most of the freshwater that pumps into the river daily is pumping out at this exact location. This is where you will see the absolute clearest water at Rainbow Springs State Park and river. So cool! Clearly there’s no better way to experience this spot than on a clear kayak.

a group of people swimming in a pool of water

2. Hidden side canal! Shhh… not everyone knows about this! Take a seat and drift through what will feel like a far off jungle paradise. This place is unreal. It’s so quiet, peaceful and relaxing it will make you never want to leave. It was hard choosing just 1 spot along this side canal so we have gathered a few different shots! As you can see this is a crowd favorite for sure!

a group of people swimming in a body of water

3. Anywhere along the river at sunset! As you know, Florida sunsets can be absolutely incredible. Honestly, there’s really not a bad place to be when you have a golden sunset, but it’s even better to experience one on a clear kayak floating on the crystal clear waters of Rainbow River. These are some of our favorite shots we’ve taken!

a boat that is floating in the water

4. After dark GLOW. Luckily Get Up and Go Kayaking Rainbow Springs will be starting their Get Up and GLOW tours in March! This allows you to experience Rainbow River in a unique way. After the sun goes down you will light up Rainbow River with waterproof LED lights in the base of your clear kayak. Just look at these photos! Bucket list goals for sure.

5. Explore the world beneath you (and above you)! These have been some of the most insanely beautiful pictures we have taken at Rainbow Springs. This just puts into perspective that no matter where you are on the river (either above water or below), there is beauty that surrounds you everywhere!

an image of a river

Pro-tip – if you have a GoPro we highly recommend bringing it on ANY of the Get Up and Go Kayaking tours! Also, if you’re interested in getting the above and below water shots, we suggest investing in a dome specifically made for GoPro’s. This will allow you to take those above and underwater shots at once! This is one of our favorites you can find on Amazon:

For more photo inspiration in a clear kayak, check out @getupandgorainbowsprings on Instagram.