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Marianna Florida Adventures


Have you heard of Marianna Florida? It’s a hidden town up in the panhandle full of secret adventures!

Here are our top 3 recommended adventures to check out!

1.Florida Caverns State Park

Bet you didn’t know Florida had caves to explore! That’s right! The Caverns State Park offers cave tours 7 days a week. They will take you on a journey through an underground world where you can see formations that have been growing for over thousands of years. If you are lucky, you might even get the chance to see a bat!

2.Get Up And Go Merritt’s Mill  

If you think a tour through the Caverns is cool, and you really want a mind-blowing experience, we recommend booking an eco clear kayaking tour. You will get to discover hidden caves above and beneath the water on a beautiful secret oasis! You can view everything in the crystal clear water right through your kayak! If that’s not close enough, you can dive on in to get a better view!

3.The Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail

Looking for something hauntingly amazing? Check out the Bellamy Bridge, it was constructed in 1914 in place of an older bridge. It is believed to be Florida’s most haunted bridge site. The bridge is haunted by a Jackson County resident, Elizabeth Jane, who died in 1837. Are you brave enough to check it out and maybe catch a glimpse of Elizabeth’s ghost? Find out more on your next visit to Marianna!