There’s a lot to see and do while in the Sunrise City. From incredible weekend must-do’s to awesome waterways and beaches to take advantage of, we’ve got it all!

Whether you’re a seasoned resident, newcomer, or just passing by,
here’s our top 5 favorite things to do in Fort Pierce!

5. Check out the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers Market
Saturday morning – you’ve GOT to check this out! 
This has been an ongoing tradition since the late 1990’s!
Every Saturday you will find well over 50 vendors that you can chat with, shop from, and
purchase some incredible produce and more. In fact, there’s not just produce! We’ve stumbled across
many baked goods, soaps, shampoos, syrups, dressings, nuts, plants, and the list goes on!

This market is located directly next to the Fort Pierce Marina and the views are amazing.

4. Drink a glass (or a few) of ‘Sunrise City’ at Sailfish Brewing
Situated in a 25,000 sq. ft. building – Sailfish Brewing Co. is great for a sip of what’s local! 
They’ve got an IPA called the “Sunrise City”, conveniently named after Fort Pierce. 
They also started canning their own beer in 2017, so grab a six-pack and enjoy at home.

There’s also some great local bars along the South Jetty!

3. Visit the Navy SEAL Museum
The National Navy SEAL-UDT Museum is the only one of it’s kind. The museum is dedicated
solely to preserving the history of the SEALS.
There’s an incredible memorial that honors Navy SEALs and frogmen. The centerpiece of the
memorial is a bronze sculpture of a modern Navy SEAL combat swimmer.
Before heading inside, take a turn on the obstacle course that’s modeled after the BUD/S
course in Coronado, California. Inside, climb aboard the lifeboat where Capt. Richard
Phillips was held hostage for five days after the cargo ship Maersk Alabama was seized by
Somali pirates April 8, 2009.
You’ll also have the chance to check out  the Mark V Special Operations Craft,
an 82-foot long, 52-ton boat that was used as a medium-range insertion-and-extraction
platform for special operations forces.

2. See a show at the Sunrise Theatre
The Sunrise Theatre opened in the early 1920’s! It held the title of being the
largest theatre on the east  coast of Florida for years! 
The theatre closed down for several years until it was purchased
by the St. Lucie Preservation Association and reopened in 2006.
With over 1,000 seats there’s plenty of room to enjoy a comedy, drama, or one of their many tribute series! 

1. Take a clear kayak tour with Get Up And Go Kayaking
We like to think this is the best eco tour you can take in the area (we might be a little biased)!
We launch our 100% clear kayaks from 601 North Causeway, just north of the Little Jim Bait
and Tackle store and restaurant. From there we travel south, along the Red Mangrove
tress and you never know what you may see along the way. Dolphins, manatees, sea turtles
and a huge variety of birds could visit you. Eventually you make our way into the Red
Mangrove tunnels, where the wind and just regular, normal life seems to come to a standstill.

These areas of the Red Mangroves are only accessible with small watercraft. Once inside,
you could see a variety of crabs, birds, fish, and then you eventually encounter the hundreds
of thousands “prop roots” the Red Mangroves trees are known for.
You wind your way through the Red Mangrove tunnels and eventually make your way to a
sandy area, which allows everyone time to exit the kayaks and explore on foot. You have a
chance to see crabs, stingrays, a variety of fish and every now and then, a manatee will
come swimming by. You never really know what you are going to see on these tours!

Get Up And Go Kayaking offers a variety of tours for this area. We have sunrise, day tours,
a sunset tour and finally a GLOW tour. On the GLOW tour, they have LED lights positioned
on the kayaks that illuminate the waters and seems to attract the sea life. Eventually this
tour also makes its way into the Red Mangrove tunnels and you just never know what you might see.