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Kayaking in Crystal River

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Kayaking in Crystal River

Looking for something unique to do on your visit to Florida?
Take a break from the parks and beaches and come paddle with us! Kayaking in Crystal River is one of the most fun adventures you’ll have when visiting the beautiful state of Florida.

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Experience Florida in a new way! Take a 100% CLEAR kayak tour to the hidden gem of Three Sisters Springs, or paddle alongside the local manatees. No matter what time of the year you’re here, we have an unbeatable experience for you. Check it out below!

This 2 hour guided eco-tour to Three Sisters Springs is sure to entertain as well as inform you of the many wonders of Crystal River. The Three Sisters Springs tour runs from April to October, when the spring is not used as a manatee sanctuary. In the off season, there are a few resident manatees we may see on this tour! Take a dip in the crystal clear, fresh and clean, 72 degree water that is pumped for the many spring heads located here. You won’t want to miss this!

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This is a manatee lover’s dream paddle! Between November and March, hundreds of manatees migrate inland to the springs to seek refuge and stay warm. This 2-2.5 hour guided adventure includes a relaxed paddle through Kings Bay to Hunter Springs, Jurassic Springs and beyond to experience the manatees in their natural habitat. And what better way to do that than in a 100% clear kayak!?

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